updateContext (JavaScript API Reference) for Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework 1.0

This method allows you to set automation dictionary. It enables providers to add, modify and remove values of slugs and the updated values are subsequently available for future macro invocations.


Microsoft.CIFramework.updateContext(input, sessionId, isDelete, correlationId);


Parameter Type Required Description
input JSON Object Yes JSON string
sessionId String No Unique identifier of the current session.
isDelete Boolean No Set isDelete to true if the list of parameters in input JSON are to be deleted.
If isDelete is set to true, the slug values will be deleted and will no longer be available for subsequent macro invocations.
correlationId GUID No Used to group all related API calls together for diagnostic telemetry


Returns a promise with string value.


var input = { "customerName" : "Contosso" };
    function success(result) {
        // Perform operations upon record retrieval and opening
    function (error) {
        // Handle error conditions