FAQ about Customer Service admin center


This article contains the frequently asked questions (FAQ) that you as an administrator might have about the Customer Service admin center app.

What's the difference between Customer Service admin center and Omnichannel admin center?

Customer Service admin center unifies all the administration settings in Customer Service Hub, Omnichannel admin center, and app profile manager. The site map is task oriented, with overview pages and feature landing pages to easily locate each capability. The user experience is consolidated and improved, and you don't need to migrate any data. Try the new app for centrally managing the features.

Can I customize this new application?

Similar to other apps, you can use the App designer to customize the site map entries. If you have custom entities to manage different aspects of your business, then you can add them to the Customer Service admin center site map to avoid using a separate app. To avoid conflicts with the out-of-the-box site map entries, we recommend that you create a new sub area to add your site map entries.

When do you plan to deprecate the existing admin experience?

Customer service admin center has been generally available since April 2022. We've announced the deprecation and subsequent end of support for Omnichannel admin center, service management experience in Customer Service Hub, and app profile manager. We recommend that you start using the Customer Service admin center app for the seamless benefits it offers. More information: Deprecations in Customer Service

How do I move from the existing admin apps to Customer Service admin center?

You can start using Customer Service admin center immediately if you don't have any customizations in your existing admin apps. However, if you have any customizations, you'll need to redo them in Customer Service admin center using the App designer.

Why do I see deprecated apps in the organization?

The Omnichannel Administration and Omnichannel admin center apps have been deprecated and therefore are hidden by default. However, the apps will be visible in Power Apps.

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