Create and add a timer control to a form

Use a timer control with forms where records need to meet a specific time-based milestone. A timer control shows people how much time is available to complete an action in the resolution of an active record or how much time has passed since the time to complete the action has passed. At a minimum, timer controls must be configured to show success or failure in completing the action. In addition, they can be configured to display warnings when the conditions are approaching failure.

A timer control can be added to a form for any entity, but they are most frequently used for the case entity, especially when linked to fields that track service level agreements. You can add multiple timer controls in the body of a form. You can’t add them to the header or footer.

Timer control Data Source properties use fields for the entity.

  • The Failure Time Field uses a date-time field to set the time.

  • The three condition fields use one of the Option Set, Two Options, Status, or Status Reason fields for the entity.

To create a timer control, on the form select the Insert tab, on the toolbar select Timer Control, enter or select the properties that you want, and then select OK.

Timer control properties

The following table describes the properties of a timer control.

Group Name Description
Name Name Required. A unique name for the control.
Label Required. The label to display for the timer control.
Data Source Failure Time Field Required. Choose one of the date-time fields for the entity to represent when a milestone should be successfully completed.
Success Condition Required. Select a field for the entity to evaluate the success of the milestone, then choose which option indicates success.
Warning Condition Select a field for the entity to evaluate whether the success of the milestone is at risk so that a warning should be displayed, then choose which option indicates that a warning should be displayed.
Cancel Condition Select a field for the entity to evaluate whether the achievement of the milestone should be cancelled, then choose which option indicates that the milestone is cancelled.

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