Data management

Chapter 10

In this chapter, we discuss how customers need to think about their data holistically, not just for implementation but as a long-term asset. We discuss how data governance, architecture, modeling, storage, migration, integration, and quality can help you make informed decisions, improve your customer engagement, and gather real-time information about your products in the field. We examine the various ways that data management plays a role in the creation of an effective Dynamics 365 solution.

Chapter objectives

  • Understand how data is a strategic asset to implementing your Dynamics 365 solution.

  • Learn about data governance, architecture, modeling, migration, integration, storage, and quality.

What’s new

In addition to updated graphics, we've updated text for improved readability.

Case study

This case study explores a global travel company that had their customer data divided across several applications and databases, making it difficult to maintain and use consistently. By moving to Dynamics 365, they were able to find a way to store all the customer data responsibly so that they could easily request, update, and delete it as necessary.