Success by Design for Dynamics 365

Success by Design for Dynamics 365 systematically guides an implementation through a series of assessments at critical stages to ensure optimal architecture, security, performance, and user experience for a Dynamics 365 solution. The framework is designed around three core principles:

  • Early discovery
  • Proactive guidance
  • Predictable success

The Success by Design framework spans four critical stages of the implementation journey:

  1. Initiate
    • Understand the breadth of the solution. Assess implementation partner readiness.
    • Determine the inputs and outputs expected of Microsoft. Guide directionally.
  2. Implement
    • Dive deep into the design and provide specific guidance.
    • Apply and extract patterns and practices.
  3. Prepare
    • Assess system and operational readiness for go-live.
    • Guide and monitor to ensure success.
  4. Operate
    • Review customer outcome. Review lessons learned.
    • Compile customer evidence.

Success by Design framework and its four stages.

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