Create warranties and define coverage

A warranty is a guarantee to repair or replace a product if it develops a failure within a specified period of time, or to do some work again if the service is not satisfactory. Dynamics 365 Field Service lets you define warranties and map them to assets, locations, or accounts to cover multiple warranty scenarios of your organization or your customers. For example, a temperature sensor at a customer site can have a two-year warranty period in which the manufacturer replaces for free in case it fails. Or, your organization installed equipment at a customer location and offers a warranty for the installation work.

Enable warranties

Before users can work with warranties, a Field Service administrator has to enable the feature.

  1. In Field Service, change to the Settings area.
  2. Under General, select Field Service Settings.
  3. On the Features tab, set Warranties to On.

Create a warranty

  1. In Field Service, change to the Service area.
  2. Under Service Delivery, select Warranties.
  3. Select New to create a warranty record and enter the information for the warranty.
  4. Save the record.

Define coverage of the warranty

  1. Open a warranty record.
  2. Under Covered assets, Covered locations, and Covered accounts, map the records that are part of this warranty.

Screenshot of a warranty with a covered asset.

You can also open an asset, location, or account and select Related > Warranties to specify coverage.

Next steps