Income statement financial report

This article describes the default report for income statements. It also describes the building blocks that are associated with this report.

Default income statement report

Default report What it does
Income Statement – Default Provides a view of the organization’s profitability for the current period and also for the year to date.

Building blocks

The income statement financial report uses the following building blocks.

Default report Row definition Column definition
Income Statement - Default Summary Income Statement - Default Periodic and YTD - Default

Row definition

The row definition, Summary Income Statement – Default, contains a section for each part of a traditional income statement. The Main Account Category dimension is used to build this row definition. Therefore, anyone can generate the report without having to make any modifications.

Column Definition

The column definitions contain different types of columns to provide different levels of detail and financial data.

  • Periodic and YTD – Default column types:
    • DESC – The description from the row definition
    • FD – Financial data for the current period
    • FD – Financial data for the year to date

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