Throttling FAQ

Applies to these Dynamics 365 apps:
Human Resources

This article provides answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about throttling for Open Data Protocol (OData) and custom service-based integrations in Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Throttling prevents the over-utilization of resources. It preserves system responsiveness and ensures consistent availability and performance.

What happens when a request is throttled?

For OData and custom service requests, a 429 error "Too many requests", will occur.

When a request is throttled, the system provides a value indicating the duration before any new requests from the user can be processed. When a request is throttled and a 429 error occurs, the response header will include a Retry-After interval, which can be used to retry the request after a specific number of seconds. The following example shows this operation.

    if (!response.IsSuccessStatusCode) 
                if ((int)response.StatusCode == 429) 
                    int seconds = 30; 
                    //Try to use the Retry-After header value if it is returned. 
                    if (response.Headers.Contains("Retry-After")) 
                        seconds = int.Parse(response.Headers.GetValues("Retry-After").FirstOrDefault()); 

                    // Retry sending the request.

What are the current throttling limits for the Human Resources service?

The throttling limits for the Human Resources service are based on three categories:

  • API burst: 500 requests in 5 minutes
  • Time usage: 5 minutes of total execution time in 5 minutes
  • Concurrency: 25 requests at any given time

How do I access the Data management Yammer group?

Follow this link: Data management Yammer group.

Will a retry request receive preferential treatment over a new request?


Will throttling affect the Data Import/Export Framework (DIXF) and batch?

No. Throttling is only for OData and custom service integrations.

What happens to requests if the user didn't retry a throttled request?

Currently, if a request isn't retried when a 429 error is received, the request won't be processed.

Will the requests of my interactive users be throttled?

No. There will be no impact on the requests of interactive (online) users.

If I experience a performance issue in Dynamics 365 Human Resources while a page is being loaded or a business document is being processed, how does that performance issue differ from throttling?

Throttling helps maintain a healthy system when there's a resource constraint. It won't affect any page actions.

How can I determine the wait time before I retry a throttled request?

When a request is throttled, the response header includes a time that will be used in retry logic.

Do you recommend that I use a dedicated integration account instead of just the generic admin user account?

Yes, we recommend this approach. However, it isn't mandatory.


Does throttling affect bring your own database (BYOD) export?


Can the throttling engine be configured (thresholds)?