What's new April 2021 - Project Operations lite deployment

Applies To: Lite deployment - deal to proforma invoicing

This article applies to the following Dynamics 365 Project Operations components and versions:

  • Project Operations on Dataverse environment version

Features included in this release

The following features are included in this release:

Quality updates

Feature area Reference number Quality update
Billing and pricing 2224568 Added logic to enable customizations that involve invoking the invoice confirmation plug-in.
Billing and pricing 2101098 Improved the logic of default fields to proforma invoice: Bill-to Address, Bill to Name, and Payment Terms now default from the corresponding project contract customer record.
Billing and pricing 2021413 Updated the Actual Cost and Sales fields on the Task entity to include sales values from unbilled and billed expenses on tasks.
Billing and pricing 2182110 When copying a project contract, the contract line ID is regenerated in the destination project contract to ensure it's unique.
Opportunity Management 2186741 Added validations to ensure the Origin field and Transaction Type can't be updated on existing quote line details.
Opportunity Management 2191353 Milestones must not be created on a time and material contract line.
Opportunity Management 2216956 Fixed issues with Update Prices.
Planning and Tracking 2182979 Project copy function improved to ensure the expense estimate lines are copied from the original project.
Planning and Tracking 2184144 Project copy function improved to ensure the resource position name is copied from the original project.
Planning and Tracking 2184799 Project copy: Tightened control to ensure the estimated start date can't be changed while copying is in progress.
Planning and Tracking 2185134 Project copy: Destination project estimated start date is set to today's date.
Planning and Tracking 2196373 Project copy: Ensure the project manager and team member records aren't duplicated in the project team.
Planning and Tracking 2211833 Project copy: Resource assignments are copied from the source project task to the destination project.
Planning and Tracking 2186541 Fixed issues in the Estimates grid when grouping by resource.
Planning and Tracking 2166906 The transaction category from a task must be copied to the Resource Assignment entity.
Resource Management 2125362 Fixed issues with creating a generic team member using an hours-based allocation method.
Time and Expense 2113603 Fixed the customization-related issue with removing attributes from the Time Entry page. The system now checks if the attribute exists on the page before accessing them by using a script.
Time and Expense 2204377 Copied timesheets must show automatically when you select Copy Week during time entry.
Time and Expense 2209059 Status field can be edited for Dynamics 365 Field Service time entries.