What's new November 2021 - Project Operations lite deployment

Applies To: Lite deployment - deal to proforma invoicing

This article applies to the following components and versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations:

  • Project Operations in a Dataverse environment version,,,

Features included in this release

The following features are included in this release:

  • Project Scheduling application programming interfaces (APIs) now support the ability to create and delete Project buckets

Quality updates

Project Operations in Dataverse

Feature area Reference number Quality update
Billing and Pricing 2358236 Invoice correction must allow corrections that have zero-price lines.
Resource Management 2410072 Allow setup of a resource that is assigned to the task as a project manager.
Billing and Pricing 2430234 Fix a cost performance calculation issue.
Time and Expense 2436978 Allow time to be entered in hh:mm format.
Billing and Pricing 2448623 Allow price lists to be updated after they are associated with an organizational unit.
Time and Expense 2460396 Allow a time entry to be deleted by clearing the cell.
Billing and Pricing 2467386 Allow a project that has a task to be deleted, even when the task is associated with a won quote.
Time and Expense 2461744 The My failed approval view contains only project approvals in the Submitted stage.
Time and Expense 2464082 Remove the link from project approvals to the approval set when a target status is matched.
Time and Expense 2468108 The Schedule job should not set a Processing status for the approval set.
Time and Expense 2471503 Delete approval sets that are seven days old.
Billing and Pricing 2480687 The quote line reference must not be removed when a quote line milestone is created.