Update release schedule for Project Service 3.x


Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation has evolved into Dynamics 365 Project Operations. For more information, see Project Service Automation Transition.

Latest version availability

Solution Latest version
Project Service Automation
Project Service Automation desktop add-in 3.60

For information about updates to Project Service, see the Dynamics 365 release plans.

Station Region Current version Next version Scheduled date
Station 1
First Release TBD March 10, 2023
Station 2
South America TBD March 17, 2023
Canada TBD March 17, 2023
India TBD March 17, 2023
France TBD March 17, 2023
South Africa TBD March 17, 2023
Germany TBD March 17, 2023
Switzerland TBD March 17, 2023
Korea TBD March 17, 2023
Norway TBD March 17, 2023
Station 3
Japan TBD March 24, 2023
Asia Pacific TBD March 24, 2023
Great Britain TBD March 24, 2023
Oceana TBD March 24, 2023
United Arab Emirates TBD March 24, 2023
Station 4
Europe TBD March 31, 2023
Station 5
North America TBD April 7, 2023
Station 6
Government Community Cloud TBD April 14, 2023
Dedicated Scale Groups TBD May 12, 2023


  • Dates in all regions except Government Community Cloud (GCC) indicate the timing of the next automatic update. Dates in GCC indicate version availability; at this time, there is no automatic update for these regions.
  • For all other regions, while most updates should be complete on the scheduled night, updates requiring more time may be completed during dark hours over the weekend indicated in the Scheduled date column.