What's new August 2022 - Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios

Applies To: Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios

This article applies to the following components and versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations:

  • Project Operations in a Dataverse environment version
  • Project management and accounting in a Dynamics 365 Finance environment version 10.0.28

Project Operations dual-write maps updates

There are no updates for Project Operations dual-write maps in this release. For a current list and versions of Project Operations dual-write maps, see Project Operations dual-write map versions.

Always run the latest version of the map in your environment, and enable all related table maps as you update your Project Operations Dataverse solution and Finance solution version. Some features and capabilities might not work correctly if the latest version of the map isn't activated. You can view the active version of the map in the Version column on the Dual-write page. To activate a new version of the map, select Table map versions, select the latest version, and then save the selected version. If you've customized an out-of-box table map, reapply the changes. For more information, see Application lifecycle management.

If you encounter an issue when you start the map, follow the instructions in the Missing table columns issue on maps section of the Dual-write troubleshooting guide.

Quality updates

Project Operations on Dataverse

Feature area Reference number Quality update
Opportunity management 2762089 Error handling while closing the contract as lost if auto-save is disabled in the org.
Project Planning and Tracking 2767841 Telemetry updates Project entity Create or Update scenarios.
Billing and Pricing 2771072 Null reference exception handling while winning quote.
Billing and Pricing 2844181 Failure in getting a correlation id and blocking an invoice creation.
Billing and Pricing 2852836 Intercompany actuals missing for Intercompany Expense created and approved in CE.

Project management and accounting in Finance

For information about the bug fixes that are included in this update, sign in to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS), and view the KB article.