What's new December 2021 - Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios

Applies To: Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios

This article applies to the following components and versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations:

  • Project Operations in a Dataverse environment version,,
  • Project management and accounting in a Dynamics 365 Finance environment version 10.0.23

Features included in this release

Project Operations dual-write maps updates

There are no updates for Project Operations dual-write maps in this release. For a current list and versions of Project Operations dual-write maps, see Project Operations dual-write map versions.

Always run the latest version of the map in your environment, and enable all related table maps as you update your Project Operations Dataverse solution and Finance solution version. Some features and capabilities might not work correctly if the latest version of the map isn't activated. You can view the active version of the map in the Version column on the Dual-write page. To activate a new version of the map, select Table map versions, select the latest version, and then save the selected version. If you've customized an out-of-box table map, reapply the changes. For more information, see Application lifecycle management.

If you encounter an issue when you start the map, follow the instructions in the Missing table columns issue on maps section of the Dual-write troubleshooting guide.

Quality updates

Project Operations on Dataverse

Feature area Reference number Quality update
Planning and Tracking 2392596 Schedule APIs now allow updates to the Effort remaining, Effort completed, and % Complete fields.
Planning and Tracking 2478497 The Activity Number and Task ID fields for Schedule APIs can be blank on input because the system will populate them using automated numbering.
Time and Expense 2468135 The number of approval retries is reduced from five to three.
Time and Expense 2468188 Fixed the issue with log text exceeding the maximum length in the notetext attribute of the Annotation entity.
Billing and Pricing 2488698 Updated error message that occurs when the environment setup is missing Ledger entity records that are populated from Finance.

Project management and accounting on Dynamics 365 Finance

Feature area Reference number Quality update
Project management and accounting 587187 Intercompany revenue account is only considering the All - all line without the sales tax group included.
Project management and accounting 599568 Straight line estimates are calculated incorrectly.
Project management and accounting 602728 A posting issue for project invoiced revenue in applied retainer cases results in transactions on the voucher not being balanced.
Project management and accounting 610906 Performance improvements for integration with Project Operations actuals.
Project management and accounting 618670 Users can't invoice if the hour cost transactions are posted with Never ledger or No ledger.
Project management and accounting 623818 Batch jobs fail if one of the journal postings fail and the remaining journals aren't processed.
Travel and Expense 575378 Approval status for unattached expenses can be changed.
Travel and Expense 592997 An expense report that's submitted to the workflow allows you to create new expense lines.
Travel and Expense 594853 You can reset unposted expense lines in an expense report.
Travel and Expense 599821 If there are unattached expenses where the expense owner is an employee, you can't enable the expense cash advance feature.
Travel and Expense 601446 If travel requestion is set to null, then IsPreAuthorized shouldn't be enabled on the expense header.
Travel and Expense 601753 The Billable field in Expense management is cleared when the expense is saved.
Travel and Expense 602009 When you delete an itemization that has a subcategory with with Exclude from taxation selected, the Tax included slider moves to No for the expense report.
Travel and Expense 607516 The accounting event is empty and the accounting status is incorrect.
Travel and Expense 617801 The workflow doesn't correctly evaluate the expense report when the expense is split on a credit card transaction.
Travel and Expense 575295 The incorrect reporting currency amount on vendor bank transactions is posted in to a closed period from the expense report.
Travel and Expense 610910 In the Expense report reimagined feature, the default payment method is populated for an expense line even if the payment method is changed when the expense was created.
Travel and Expense 617146 You can't submit an expense report if the receipt policy is enabled.
Travel and Expense 619783 The following error occurs when you submit an expense report Stack Trace: The company does not exist.
Travel and Expense 620773 With intercompany expense lines, distribution doesn't update the legal entity when an unattached transaction is re-added to the expense report.
Travel and Expense 621967 The sales price and the amount in the reporting currency under vendor transactions is calculated incorrectly in expense reports that are associated with a project and are created in a foreign currency using imported credit card transactions.