What's new July 2021 - Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios

Applies To: Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios

This article applies to the following Dynamics 365 Project Operations components and versions:

  • Project Operations in Microsoft Dataverse environment version or
  • Project management and accounting in Dynamics 365 Finance environment version 10.0.20.

Features included in this release

The following features are included in this release:

  • Ability for administrators to view PSS logs and Operations Set logs from the settings menu. The logs are stored for 90 days.

Project Operations dual-write maps updates

There are no updates for Project Operations dual-write maps in this release.

For a current list and versions of Project Operations dual-write maps, see Project Operations dual-write map versions.

Always run the latest version of the map in your environment and enable all related table maps as you update your Project Operations Dataverse solution and Finance solution version. Certain features and capabilities might not work correctly if the latest version of the map isn't activated. You can see the active version of the map on the Dual-write page in the Version column. Activate a new version of the map by selecting Table map versions, selecting the latest version, and then saving the selected version. If you have customized an out-of-the-box table map, reapply the changes. For more information, see Application lifecycle management.

If you encounter an issue starting the map, follow the instructions in the Missing table columns issue on maps section in the Dual-write troubleshooting guide.

Quality updates

Project Operations on Dataverse

Feature area Reference number Quality update
Billing and Pricing 2224046 The Transaction Class field is editable on the Quote Line Details tab, but is locked if you are working from the Quote Line Details page.
Billing and Pricing 2224400 The Close Quote As Won action fails when a quote has no date milestones.
Billing and Pricing 2234089 When you manually enter a product description, it's cleared after you enter a quantity for a material estimate.
Billing and Pricing 2234100 The Task Billing Setup grid doesn't include the Material column and it's value on the Task Billing tab of the project.
Billing and Pricing 2277409 The product ID isn't available on the contract line detail for a material type line.
Billing and Pricing 2281728 Creating a contract line unnecessarily reevaluates actuals causing significant increases in data volume, which impacts performance.
Billing and Pricing 2298668 Journal lines associated to a recalled and deleted expense aren't removed.
Billing and Pricing 2300192 When multiple users are editing an invoice, it's possible for a new invoice line detail to be created on a confirmed invoice.
Billing and Pricing 2301569 Invoices can't be corrected if a $0 amount retainer has been applied.
Billing and Pricing 2307965 An error occurs if a category price is created with missing values.
Billing and Pricing 2326870 An error occurs in Microsoft.Dynamics.ProjectService.Plugins.PostInvoiceLineDelete if producttypecode is null.
Billing and Pricing 2332732 An error occurs if a contract line milestone is created without an order line.
Project Planning and Tracking 2181094 The Project Scheduling API now supports PSS Logs and Operation Set Logs which are stored for 90 days.
Project Planning and Tracking 2254201 The Schedule Mode label is updated with details that describe the defaulting logic.
Project Planning and Tracking 2300252 The openProject response cache is updated and includes the token owner in the cache key, base Url, and Segment Url so that Request Url can always be re-created if the base Url changes.
Project Planning and Tracking 2301312 msdyn_membershipstatus has been removed from the Project Team Member view.
Project Planning and Tracking 2302759 Products are unnecessarily fetched on the Resource Assignments, Estimates, and Expense Estimates tabs.
Project Planning and Tracking 2308050 CopyProject fails with the error, “Failed to get token to talk to remote service”.
Project Planning and Tracking 2322650 The Project Task List view has been updated to display the date of the task by default.
Project Planning and Tracking 2327266 CopyProject generates the error, "Key not found in dictionary" when copying estimates.
Project Planning and Tracking 2328123 CopyProject generates the error, "Failed to get token to talk to remote service".
Project Planning and Tracking 2336258 CopyProject incorrectly copies the position names of resources.
Billing and Pricing 2224476 The Bookable Resource field doesn't correctly default to the logged in user on the Material Usage page.
Resource Management 2277249 An error occurs when a non-project-based resource requirement is updated.
Resource Management 2323869 Resource utilization doesn't correctly recognize filtered resources.
Time and Expense 2176538 Incorrect filter operators are applied to the Time Entry control.
Time and Expense 2177462 Deleting a time entry in the grid doesn't update the Submit, Recall, Delete, and Edit Entry button status as expected.
Time and Expense 2299985 TimeEntriesImportFromResourceAssignment doesn't maintain the start/end time from the assignment contours.
Time and Expense 2318426 After a time entry is submitted, locked fields can still be edited.
Time and Expense 2323749 An error occurs when an expense is created from the Related tab of a bookable resource.
Time and Expense 2327678 When you create a time entry from the Related tab of a bookable resource, the parent resource isn't passed to the time entry control.
General 2296857 Progress tracking for long running jobs.
General 2253682 The Project Operations dual-write solution shouldn't be installed when dual-write core is installed in an environment without the dual-write orchestration solution.
General 2316420 Project service core provisioning fails if the application user’s business unit is changed.
General 2376405 Fixed publisher driven update issue (Quality update is available in version

Project management and accounting on Dynamics 365 Finance

Feature area Reference number Quality update
Project management and accounting 4620267 Can't personalize forms to add a Purpose field to the Project posted transactionInvoice proposal creation, and Invoice proposal pages.
Project management and accounting 4613449 When you select a Project contract ID in Finance, the Project Operations integrated environment opens the page to create a new record, instead of the page for already created project contracts.
Project management and accounting 4614445 In the Project Operations integrated scenario deployment, you can't edit the Item sales tax group field on the invoice proposal that's imported from staging. The item sales tax group should be editable for an open invoice proposal of all transaction types including on account, hours, expenses, fees, and items.
Project management and accounting Can't post an invoice proposal resulting from a negative time transaction correction.
Project management and accounting Invoice proposal lines are duplicated because of multiple Import from staging periodic processes running at the same time.