What's new October 2021 - Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios

Applies To: Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios

This article applies to the following Dynamics 365 Project Operations components and versions:

  • Project Operations in Microsoft Dataverse environment version
  • Project management and accounting in Dynamics 365 Finance environment version 10.0.21

Features included in this release

The following features are included in this release:

Project Operations dual-write maps updates

There are no updates for Project Operations dual-write maps in this release. For a current list and versions of Project Operations dual-write maps, see Project Operations dual-write map versions.

Always run the latest version of the map in your environment and enable all related table maps as you update your Project Operations Dataverse solution and Finance solution version. Certain features and capabilities might not work correctly if the latest version of the map isn't activated. You can see the active version of the map on the Dual-write page in the Version column. To activate a new version of the map, select Table map versions, select the latest version, and then save the selected version. If you have customized an out-of-the-box table map, reapply the changes. For more information, see Application lifecycle management.

If you encounter an issue starting the map, follow instructions in the Missing table columns issue on maps section of the Dual Write troubleshooting guide.

Quality updates

Project Operations on Dataverse

Feature area Reference number Quality update
Billing and pricing 2209402 Corrected the validations that were preventing retainer amounts from being invoiced when a project contract is confirmed.
Opportunity management 2227414 The Product, Write- In, and IsProductOverriden fields are copied to the quote line details and contract line details.
Billing and pricing 2338357 The currency on the material usage log must default from the project's currency when the project is selected.
Time and expense 2414777 Canceling an approval when the expense or time entry has more than one associated project approval must be possible.

Project management and accounting on Dynamics 365 Finance

Feature area Reference number Quality update
Project management and accounting 412077 Allowing the purchase manager role access to one legal entity also filters access to all projects in all legal entities.
Project management and accounting 555604 Estimate elimination fails when the feature, Enable project contract currency for estimate calculation is enabled.
Project management and accounting 564701 [FRA] Conditional tax isn't calculated correctly for the last payment when vendor retention and prepayment was applied to a purchase order invoice.
Project management and accounting 569250 WIP postings to the general ledger are posting with an incorrect amount.
Project management and accounting 581167 The project invoice report is skipping lines.
Project management and accounting 598810 There is an issue with project invoice post batch where it's processing and posting the invoice proposal even if the invoice lines haven't been generated.
Project management and accounting 578970 Update creating a project estimate batch job to support executing multiple sub-tasks.
Project management and accounting 586034 Voucher transactions aren't balancing as "XX/XX/XXXX" (accounting currency: 0.00 - reporting currency: 0.01).
Project management and accounting 596669 The tax exempt number for a legal entity isn't displayed on a printed project invoice.
Project management and accounting 598109 The setup of continuous number sequencing when posting an estimate isn't supported after applying KB 4619395.
Project management and accounting 602677 The WIP reversed value from invoice posting is different than the original posted WIP value from the time entry.
Project management and accounting 602728 Voucher transactions aren't balanced correctly due to a posting issue with project invoiced revenue in applied retainer cases.
Project management and accounting 607324 Project estimates are only being created for one period.
Travel and Expense 551911 Travel requisition policies are being ignored to approve workflow without errors.
Travel and Expense 563752 The expense line project ID, billable, and activity number aren't being saved in the mobile expense app.
Travel and Expense 569458 The Attached Receipt field is set to Yes even if the expense line doesn't have a receipt attached.
Travel and Expense 571334 An error message occurs when you try to change the expense category to Personal.
Travel and Expense 572783 After a credit card transaction is split on an expense report, you can't edit the parent expense or attach a receipt.
Travel and Expense 574252 The expense policy for intercompany transactions with a Project ID isn't working correctly.
Travel and Expense 574489 The posted date is missing for posted expense reports.
Travel and Expense 574504 There are payment method issues in the expense mobile app.
Travel and Expense 584799 A travel requisition created for one worker can be used for another worker's expense report and can use the travel requisition before the delegate date.
Travel and Expense 586023 When an expense is created, changing financial dimension values isn't updating properly at the accounting distribution level in the Expense management workspace.
Travel and Expense 586081 The main expense line approval status is not synchronizing with the itemized line workflow approval status.
Travel and Expense 590544 An error occurs while posting an expense report when Tax recovery is enabled in the Expense management parameters.
Travel and Expense 564851 A delegate can't delete expense documents for a terminated employee.
Travel and Expense 587306 Deleting an expense line takes a long time and impacts performance.
Travel and Expense 600455 TrvExpTrans causes an orphan TaxUncommitted record by only deleting SourceDocumentLine.