Measure marketing activity, web traffic, and conversion goals using automatic UTM tagging


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Feb 1, 2023 - Apr 1, 2023

Business value

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) codes help you track sources of traffic for your websites and landing pages, enabling you to attribute conversions to the right source. Marketing messages can be a significant contributor to this traffic, but it is hard to track them without UTM parameters. They’re often left out entirely from the links in messages due to the time-consuming process of manually adding the tags to each link.

Dynamic 365 Marketing now automatically tags all your messages with UTM parameters, following a consistent taxonomy. This gives you full visibility into your marketing contribution to web traffic and, in turn, empowers you to optimize traffic and conversions.

Feature details

  • Every link in all your outbound messages is automatically appended with default UTM parameters. 
  • You can optionally override the default UTM campaign parameters and insert your own custom parameters.

Automatically add UTM parameters

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