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Users, automatically Apr 2023 -

Business value

Working productively with Business Central often requires multi-tasking across windows or capturing links to records that are shared with others. Each of these needs links or windows to clearly distinguish themselves from the next, making it easy to switch contexts.

Feature details

Business Central now uses a simple and clear schema for link and window captions that is automatically updated as you navigate within the web client. As a result, copying a link to any Business Central page or record and pasting that in a rich-text editor, such as an Outlook email, Microsoft Teams chat, or your project OneNote, will display a more meaningful hyperlink that is consistent no matter how or where you copy the link. Similarly, using modern browser features such as collections in Microsoft Edge allows you to capture a more readable collection of records. When managing multiple streams of work during your workday, switching across windows using Alt+Tab now clearly indicates which page or record you are about to switch to.

A Business Central tab in Microsoft Edge showing the revised document title.

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