Notify sellers and sales managers after assignment rule execution


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts - - Aug 2024

Business value

When a lead or an opportunity is unassigned, it introduces a delay in the sales process and may result in business loss. If you are a sales manager or admin, these notifications will allow you to quickly notice failures in seller assignments and take necessary action to find an eligible seller. The notification also guides you to troubleshoot reasons for failure and improve the effectiveness of automation.

If you are a seller who is busy working on existing leads and opportunities, then this notification will ensure you notice the new incoming lead or opportunity as soon as it is assigned to you. It allows you to prioritize the work accordingly.

Feature details

As a sales manager or admin, you can configure notification settings as:

  • A global setting to enable seller notification on successful assignment.
  • A rule-level configuration to send notifications and regular notifications to specific users about assignment failures.
  • A rule-level configuration to notify sellers on successful assignment.

Notify sellers when a new lead is assigned and notify admin when assignment fails