Assign salesperson to customer ship-to addresses

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Business value

Assign salespeople to the shipping location rather than the billing address to ensure accurate sales reports by reflecting the true geographical distribution of your sales. Assigning a salesperson to a customer's ship-to address gives you more precise insights, optimizes resource allocation, and drives strategic growth in your business.

Feature details

You can assign a salesperson on the Customer card page by choosing Customer, and then Ship-To Addresses to open the Ship-to Addresses List page. Choose Manage, and then Edit to open the Ship-to Address card page. Enter or choose a Salesperson Code to select the salesperson who is responsible for the customer's ship-to address.

Shows Ship-To Address page with Salesperson code field highlighted.

When you choose the Alternate Shipping Address option as a Ship-To location on a sales document, the Salesperson Code updates to match the salesperson from the Ship-To Address rather than the Bill-To Customer.

Shows sales order with changed Ship-To address having salesperson not coming from Bill-to customer


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