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December 2016 Update for Microsoft Dynamics 365

January 2017

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This document provides important, late-breaking information about these product versions:

         December 2016 Update for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online)

         December 2016 Service Pack for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (on-premises)

         Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update

         Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

         Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 0.1

         Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 0.1

         Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1


You�ll also find information about known issues. Where available, workarounds are provided for the known issues.

Known issues


Web client

Dynamics 365 for tablets and Dynamics 365 for phones

Dynamics 365 for Outlook

Unified Service Desk

Interactive service hub

Business Apps, App Designer, and Site Map Designer


Unified Resource Scheduling

Project Service Automation

Field Service

Connected Field Service

Dynamics 365 portals

Process designers and process

Learning Path



Top resources

Admins, check out Deploying and administering Microsoft Dynamics 365 on TechNet.

See your "Get ready" guide for this release. Be sure to check back for updates!

Visit the Dynamics 365 Help Center, the info central for admins, developers, trainers, and IT pros.


General known issues

Enable language packs before installing solutions

You must enable any language packs before you install solutions that support multiple languages (such as Field Service and Project Service Automation). If you install a solution and then enable a language pack, the metadata for the solution entities and views won�t be shown in the selected language.

Sample data will not install

Sample data will not install for some languages. This issue happens only in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premises) deployment for organizations that have a base language that is Finnish (1035), Hungarian (1038), or Norwegian (1044).

Availability of Relationship Insights features

Relationship Insights features (Email Engagement, Auto Capture, and Relationship Assistant) will be available in the North American region for beta preview. They will be available for public preview in the North American region with the December 2016 release. Relationship Analytics feature will be available for public preview in the North American region at a later date. The availability of all Relationship Insight features (Email Engagement, Auto Capture, Relationship Assistant, and Relationship Analytics) in other regions will be announced later.

Relevance Search: Attachments for shared emails will not appear in results

In the latest release, you will see search results for matches to text in email and appointment attachments. You will not see results for attachments on emails or appointments that have been shared with you.

Dynamics 365 for Outlook known issues

Untracking� appointment in Outlook desktop does not reflect in the Outlook add-in

When you untrack an appointment in Dynamics 365 app for Outlook, the appointment still appears as tracked in Dynamics 365 for Outlook (Outlook Add-in).

When tracking an appointment with an attachment, the tracking is not immediate

When tracking an appointment with attachment, the tracking is not immediate, so the status of the appointment will show: �pending track� until the next sync cycle.

In Dynamics 365 (on premises), OWA, Internet Explorer, and certain configurations, you need to sign out of Dynamics 365 for the app to load

In Dynamics 365 (on-premises), if the AD FS domain and Dynamics 365 domain have the same direct parent domain, and you use the Dynamics 365 app on Outlook Web Application (OWA) on Internet Explorer, you must be signed out of Dynamics 365 for the app to load. See this knowledge article for more details.

If you try to add Sales Literature with no file, the app will stop responding

If you try to add sales literature to an email, and the sales literature does not include a file, Dynamics 365 App for Outlook will keep waiting for the file until you end the process.

In compose form, templates appear in one language

When you open the app to compose an email and your Exchange server version is lower than Exchange server 2013 CU14, you cannot track this email before sending it.

You can�t track compose emails before sending on Exchange server lower than CU14

When open the app for a compose email and your Exchange server version is lower than Exchange server 2013 CU14, you cannot track this email before sending it.

In the contacts area, you can�t filter or sort by some field

At the contact tracking table, you cannot filter contacts by title

In the Contacts area, on the Dynamics 365 Contacts tab, office location is not shown

On the Dynamics 365 Contacts tab, the Office location column appears, but does not display data even if an office location value exists in Dynamics 365.

In the contacts area, it might take some time for Exchange to index the contacts

When syncing information from Dynamics 365 to Exchange, Exchange may not index the new value right away, so some of the new values will not show up in the filter immediately.

Can�t add templates and knowledge articles in the Outlook Web Application on mobile devices

When using the Outlook Web App (OWA) on mobile devices, while composing a new email, you cannot add an email template or knowledge article.

Web client known issues

Drag-and-drop template uploading doesn�t work in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 builds earlier than 10565

When you upload templates, Microsoft Edge drag-and-drop functionality isn�t available in builds of Windows 10 earlier than build 10565. To find the build number, click Start, type run, type winver, and then click OK.

Word documents generated through workflows will always be attached to the target record

Instead of attaching to the originating record that started the workflow, the document that�s created will always be attached to the target record, which is the record that the document is generated from. For example, if you generate an account summary from an opportunity (the opportunity that triggered the workflow), instead of being attached to the opportunity, it�ll be attached to the target account.

Word might freeze when you edit content controls

This is a performance issue with Word when handling large numbers of fields. Changing the text or formatting in a content control triggers Word to update its data source, which might fail and cause Word to freeze.

Workaround: Do the following: (1) Use only plain-text content controls for text. You�ll still be able to format text as normal; it�ll just avoid triggering the Word updates when formatting. (2) Avoid making any changes to the text in the content control, including capitalization and adding spaces. You may want to turn off Word�s autocorrect/auto-formatting when creating templates to ensure this doesn�t happen accidently.

Form label doesn�t get modified when importing translations and publishing

If you export translations and reimport them after changing a form label, the label isn�t changed.

Account entity has two new fields: PrimarySatoriID and PrimaryTwitterID

These fields are placeholders for internal Microsoft use only and are not publicly available.

If you try to reassign records to a team that has no roles, the Reassign Records dialog box doesn�t close when you click OK

If you try to reassign records to a team that doesn�t have an assigned role, the Reassign Records dialog box is shown and can be dismissed only by refreshing the browser window.

Creating a new record in a custom entity when deleting out-of-the-box status reason field option set values in the custom entity form causes an unexpected error

After you create a custom entity, if you delete the out-of-the-box status reason field option set values and add a new value, an error occurs when you try to create a record.

Workaround: First add the new option set values, and then delete the option set values.

Unable to update form fields on iOS 7 tablets

On an iOS 7 tablet, a user is unable to create or update a record. This issue doesn�t exist on iOS 8.

Workaround: To assign an owner, select the record from the grid.

Icons missing for Invoice, Quote, and Order products

When you try to access the Invoice, Quote, and Order Products associated grid from the Navigation menu, the icons do not appear.

Editable grid: Date/Time editor doesn�t retain Emperor Date settings

When users edit an editable grid, and have selected Emperor Calendar settings in Personal Options, the date values shown in the date picker popup window do not reflect the selected Emperor Date settings.

Editable grid: Inline editing not supported for some data types

Inline editing is not supported for the following data types:

         Entity OOB State/Status field

         Customer Type field (a special lookup that combines account and contact records)

         Composite field (Address, Full name)

         Party list

         Lookup entity related fields (for example, for the Account entity Contact lookup, the Contact field is editable, but EmailAddress(Contact) is not editable).

Editable grid: Inline editing not supported for subgrids

Inline editing is not supported for the following subgrids:

         Product subgrid on Opportunity, Quote form

Editable grid: Need to refresh browser if there are changes made for existing entity-level business rules

For home page grids and global quick create forms, a browser refresh is needed for the business rules changes to take effect.

Editable grid: Editable subgrid only works on legacy forms

If you are using legacy forms and enable an editable grid on a subgrid, the editable subgrid will not be rendered. System administrators can turn off legacy forms in system settings, if needed.

Dynamics 365 for tablets and Dynamics 365 for phones known issues

In the new Workspace pane, the Relationship Assistant is coming soon

When the app is launched, the new Workspace pane is shown. The left side of this pane is reserved for the new Relationship Assistant. This pane will display a �Coming soon� notification until the Relationship Assistant is released.

Timeline shows an incorrect error when the user doesn�t have read privileges for the News entity

When a mobile user goes to the Active News list, the following error is displayed: �Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again, or restart the app. Error code: 0x0."

Workaround: Give the user read privileges to the News entity.

Audio recording is not available for Windows phone and tablet apps

Audio recording on notes is not available for Windows phone and tablet apps.

Save photo to library is not available for Windows 8.1 phone and tablet apps

As part of the notes experience, the ability to save photos taken from within the Dynamics 365 app is not possible in Windows 8.1 phone and tablet apps.

Crop image is not available for Windows phone and tablet apps

After you take a photo from within a note, you may not be able to crop that image in Windows phone and tablet apps.

Audio and video recordings are saved to the device library automatically on Android

Any audio or video recording taken from within the app for Android will automatically be stored in the local device library.

Offline web resources are not available on Windows tablets

Web resources are not available in offline mode on Windows tablets.

Background sync frequency is not defined

The Background synchronization frequency is determined by the operating system (not by the mobile app).

Limitation for mobile offline JavaScript client SDK for Create Record and Update Record

The client SDK can�t be used to create or update intersect entity records; offline disabled entity records; or activity party entities records. No upfront validation of data input occurs. All data-related validations are done during the sync to Dynamics 365.

Limitation for mobile offline JavaScript client SDK for Delete

The client APIs can�t be used to delete the intersect entity; offline disabled entity; or activity party entities.

Limitations for mobile offline JavaScript client SDK Retrieve

         OData query options should start with $ like URL query parameters

         $select only retrieves the attribute of the base entity and not of the related entity

         OData query options should start with $ like URL query parameters

         $expand only uses navigation property names

         Only $select can be specified inside $expand

         Only 5,000 related records can be retrieved�a next link is not provided if one exists

Limitations for mobile offline JavaScript client SDK Retrieve Multiple

         $select only retrieves the attribute of the base entity and not of the related entity

         OData query options should start with $ like URL query parameters

         $expand only uses navigation property names

         Only $select can be specified inside $expand

         Only a navigation property where both the participating entities are offline enabled can be used

         MaxPageSize is optional and should be > 0

         $filter does not function - these conditional operators are supported (=, !=, < >, <=, >=)

         Only - AND, OR, NOT - logical operators are supported

         $filter can be applied on base entity attributes but not on related attributes

         $expand returns next links for N:1 relationships

         Next link is JSON formatted and users need to construct the next Retrieve call using the next link

         $skiptoken, $getOnlyRelatedEntity is for internal use and should not be changed by users

         $skip is not supported

         FetchXml only retrieves base entity attributes

Limitations on views in mobile offline

         Any entity view, which has a date hierarchy-based parameter used as filter criteria, is not available in mobile offline

         Only system views are supported in mobile offline�

         If a view has attributes from any other offline-disabled entity, data will not be shown in that view in mobile offline

Limitation on mobile offline security

FLS attribute sharing is not supported in offline mode

Update required for client app registrations in Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)� - applies to on-premises customers only

Additional redirect URIs have been added for our updated tablets and phones clients.� The following updated PowerShell command must be run on your AD FS server to register the mobile apps:

Add-AdfsClient -ClientId ce9f9f18-dd0c-473e-b9b2-47812435e20d -Name "Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets and phones" -RedirectUri ms-app://s-1-15-2-2572088110-3042588940-2540752943-3284303419-1153817965-2476348055-1136196650/, ms-app://s-1-15-2-1485522525-4007745683-1678507804-3543888355-3439506781-4236676907-2823480090/, ms-app://s-1-15-2-3781685839-595683736-4186486933-3776895550-3781372410-1732083807-672102751/, ms-app://s-1-15-2-3389625500-1882683294-3356428533-41441597-3367762655-213450099-2845559172/, ms-auth-dynamicsxrm://,ms-auth-dynamicsxrm://,ms-auth-dynamicsxrm://,msauth://code/,msauth://code/,msauth://code/,msauth://,msauth://, urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob

If you don�t run this updated PowerShell command, you�ll see this error:

�AADSTS50011: The reply address �[msauth URL]� does not match the reply addresses configured for the application: �{Client app ID, which is a GUID}�. More details: not specified.�

Editable grid: New values not shown after using app-level navigation back to the home grid and changing a value in editable grid

Navigate to any entity that has an editable grid enabled, open a record form, and then from the Main form, click the left arrow to go back to the home page grid. Edit a field value in the editable grid, and then tab out. The new value is not shown in the edited grid cell.

Workaround: Click the field again or refresh the grid.

Editable grid: On-change business rules not triggered after using app level navigation back to the home grid and changing a value in editable grid, on-change business rules won�t work unless user manually refresh

Navigate to any entity that has an editable grid enabled, open a record form, and then from the Main form, click the left arrow to go back to the home page grid. Edit a field value that should trigger an on-change business rule in the editable grid. The rule will be not triggered.

Workaround: Manually refresh the grid.

Dynamics 365 for Outlook known issues

Deleting a tracked appointment in Outlook or Dynamics 365 immediately after synchronization might cause the deleted item to return

If you delete a tracked appointment in Outlook or Dynamics 365 immediately after you synchronize, the next sync might bring the item back. This may apply to other types of items, and happens only occasionally due to a timing issue.

Workaround: Delete the item again.

Tasks tracked as phone calls in Dynamics 365 won�t change ownership correctly if assigned from Outlook

If a task is created in the web client of Dynamics 365, and then synchronized with Dynamics 365 for Outlook, this task won�t change ownership correctly if it is assigned to another user from Dynamics 365 for Outlook. The task will remain assigned to the original user in Dynamics 365 even though the phone call task has been assigned to another user in Outlook.

Workaround: Make all phone call assignments directly from the web client.

Mail merge doesn�t send all emails when the recipient list contains unselected recipients or you include an unsubscribe link in the email message

If you use mail merge to send email messages from campaign activities, and unselect one or more recipients from the list, the email is sent only to the first selected recipient in the list. However, if no recipient is unselected, the mail goes out to all the recipients.

If you select only some members of the target marketing list during the merge process, and you select Include an unsubscribe link in the email message, the emails will be sent to only one recipient.

Workaround: Go back to the first record in Word before you finish the mail merge, or disable the unsubscribe link option in the merge dialog box.

Unified Service Desk known issues

JavaScript events stop when the hosted control is not focus

When multiple hosted controls of type IE Process are loaded in the same panel, Javascript events occurring on the pages that are not in focus are not fired.

Workaround: Ensure that the focus is on the hosted controls when JavaScript events are expected.

Flickering when a single notification control is invoked multiple times

When the same notification control is invoked multiple times in quick succession, flickering occurs.

Workaround: Introduce a delay while you invoke the Show action on the notification control.

Unnecessary scroll bar for quick create form when hosted in Unified Service Desk on Windows 10

When an interactive service hub Quick Create page is opened inside Unified Service Desk, a scroll bar appears on the page.

Interactive service hub known issues

Access on touch-only devices like tablets isn�t supported

Using the interactive service hub on a touch-only device like a tablet isn�t supported. The application is optimized for a desktop form factor with keyboard and mouse input.

Product lookup in the case form doesn�t filter out product bundles

When you create a case, the product lookup doesn�t filter out product bundles. When the record is saved, an error message is shown.

Find case and resolve case options aren�t available in the �Phone to case� business process flow

The Find case option under the Identify stage and the Resolve case option under the Resolve stage are not available in the �Phone to case� business process flow.

Business process flows spanning multiple entities aren�t fully functional

Business process flows that are configured to span multiple entities don�t allow a move from one entity to another related entity, even though the process stage headers are visible.

Ctrl+S doesn�t save the form

The Ctrl+S keyboard command doesn�t save the form for an interactive service hub record.

RTL languages not supported

The application won�t load if the organization has any of the right-to-left (RTL) languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic, applied.

Using the Back button in the application doesn�t refresh a record or view

The Back button in Dynamics 365, located in the top left corner, doesn�t refresh a previously visited record or view; it only navigates to the last visited pages. If you update the priority column of the record and come back to the list, the updated value will be visible on the list.

Notes can�t be edited after they�re added to a timeline

After a note record is saved to the timeline of an entity, it can�t be edited.

The inline chart option for subgrids isn�t supported

The subgrid properties have an option to show the chart on the form in place of the list view, but this option isn�t supported.

Only the primary field of the entity is searched when using Quick Find on lists

When you search for an entity record using a list search box, only the primary field of any entity is searchable; the rest of the Quick Find fields aren�t searched.

Duplicate detection isn�t supported when creating records using the +NEW button from the entity list or form

No duplicate detection occurs for records that are created by using the +NEW button from the entity list or form.

Multiline text fields need the row count to be 3 or more to render correctly when added to a form

In the form editor for an interactive experience form, double-click a multiline text field to open the Field Properties dialog. Under the formatting tab, in the Row Layout section, change the row count to 3 or more, and then click OK. Click Save, and then Publish

Incorrect set of commands visible on selection/deselection in the activities grid

This issue may occur inconsistently on selection or deselection of records in the activities grid.

Workaround: Refresh the view by selecting it from the view selector.

Commands like set regarding, mark complete, and cancel aren�t shown on multiselect in views other than All Activities and My Activities

When using multiselect, some commands aren�t available for activities.

Workaround: Go to the All Activities or the My Activities view to see all commands.

Associated views aren�t shown in the related records view

Some system views (of type associated view) aren�t seen in the related records view.

Workaround: Create new views that are replicas of the associated views.

Shift + F8 keyboard shortcut doesn�t work in Firefox

Using Shift + F8 to navigate across major sections in the interactive service hub doesn�t work because that shortcut conflicts with an existing Firefox shortcut. Users can navigate forward by using the F8 key or Shift+Tab.

Tabbing doesn�t move focus out of lookup in global filters in Internet Explorer 11

If you tab to a lookup in global filters in Internet Explorer 11, you can�t tab out.

Workaround: Use the Esc key to move the focus out of the lookup field.

Not able to open records and views with the Email a link URL

If the friendly name for your organization is different from the server name, the Email a link command will generate an invalid URL. The links to records and views will not work.

Business Apps, App Designer, and Site Map Designer known issues

Clicking a record in Advanced find search will take a user outside app context

Advanced find searches do not preserve the app context at this time, and will take the user out of the app to the full main.aspx experience. Also, advanced find will show all entities and not the entities referenced in the app.

Invalid site map error when running an app

You may get an invalid site map error when running an app. This indicates that the app site map cannot be rendered because it doesn�t include at least one subarea.

Workaround: Open the app in the Site Map Designer and add at least one subarea to the site map. Also, make sure that the subarea is valid for that user or web client, for example, if there is a privilege rule that is preventing the subarea from rendering, or the subarea is only applicable for SPLA.

Publishing all customizations may publish an invalid app

When you publish an app in the app designer, you�ll see an error if the app has any validation failures, for example, if the app does not have a site map. However, if you use the publish all customizations command, the app will be published along with other system components. This may lead to an error when the app is run.

Workaround: Open the app in the app designer and correct the validation errors.

Quick create, recent views, and global search will display entities outside the context of the app

Users who are working in the Sales app might see a Case entity in quick create and other areas if they have access to the Case entity via security roles. Entities outside the context of the app are not filtered at this time, and may be shown and open based on user privileges.

Solution import shows the name �app module� after import success instead of �app�

After an app is imported, the import success dialog shows �app module� instead of �app�. This is only a label issue; the app has been imported successfully.

In Personal Options, the default pane and default tab options are not limited to those within this app

Default pane and tab personalization per app is not available. The default site map area and subarea will continue to be visible on these for user selection.

App designer: keyword(s) provided to search Dashboard, Business process flow and entities are persisted

For example, if �customer� as a term is searched to look for dashboards and using the Add command action the Entity option is selected, then the search term �customer� is persisted and entity list is filtered based on that search term. This issue is specific to adding Dashboard, business process flows and entities using the Add command option only.

Workaround: Use the Artifacts tiles under the components tab to search and add Dashboard, business process flows and entities.

Accessibility is not supported for App Designer and Site Map Designer in Internet Explorer 10 browser and Modern style apps

If you are designing apps and the site map, there is no accessibility support at this time for Internet Explorer 10 and Modern style applications.

Workaround: Use Internet Explorer 11.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service app: The Site Map Designer shows a link to the Knowledge Article entity, which is not visible at app runtime

The knowledge article link references the Interactive service hub Knowledge Article entity, which is filtered out during runtime of the web client. At this time, there is no supported way to directly reference an interactive service hub entity in the Site Map Designer and have it available in the site map runtime of the web client.

Use of a web resource for the App tile that does not have a display name value can result in failure to launch the App Designer

If you publish the app with a web resource for the App tile, but it does not have a display name, then the App Designer will stop opening.


1.       Always create and update an app with a web resource for the App tile that has a display name specified.

2.       If the app is published with a web resource for the App tile that has no display name:

a.       Go to the My Apps page and visually identify the web resource from the App tile.

b.       Locate the same web resource from the Customizations area in Dynamics 365.

c.       Provide a display name for it. Then, click Save and Publish.

d.       Go to the My apps page and click Open in App Designer .


At first load of the Site Map Designer, ways to add a group or subarea are disabled

Area is not selected on load by default, hence the actions to add a group or subarea from the Components tab and Add menu are disabled.

Workaround: Explicitly click the area, and then drag/add a group or subarea.

Focus is not retained on a component after it has been repositioned

After completion of a repositioning action, the focus is on the component, but the selection is on the parent component. As a result, the properties of the parent are visible instead of the repositioned component.

Workaround: Explicitly click the repositioned component to see its properties.

Site map designer does not allow configuring Miscellaneous privileges

Only entity-based privileges can be configured.

Workaround: Create a custom entity and configure a set of privileges to it for the role, and then use it to control access. The role that has the Miscellaneous privilege must be given privileges to the custom entity.

When a default dashboard is picked for a subarea in the Site Map Designer, it does not automatically select it in the app definition

The issue is that the dependency mapping does not get created.

Workaround: Pick the dashboard explicitly in the App Designer.

The Site Map Designer adds extra parameters to the sitemap xml and rearranges other attributes even though it is not required and there are no edits

This issue surfaces when a site map that is created or edited outside the designer (by using third-party tools or direct xml editing) is later edited in the Site Map Designer. Extra parameters get added, and the site map is treated as a new version. This can lead to overwriting of configuration when the solution is exported and imported in a different org.

Workaround: Always use the Site Map Designer to create and edit the site map.

Site Map Designer accessibility

The Site Map Designer is not fully accessible. It has known issues with Screen Reader and 200% zoom.

Sales known issues

After an upgrade, you might not be able to add users to the Account Access Team

The issue can occur when this upgrade path is used: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1 to 2015 Update to 2016 Update 1 to the latest release. All other upgrade paths work.

Unified Resource Scheduling known issues

Schedule board does not automatically refresh when there are changes to bookings beyond 7 days from current date

Schedule board only refreshes if the changed booking is current time + seven days. This means if a user is viewing the schedule board 8 days from now, and another user modifies a booking on that day, the board will not auto refresh when the change is made. Additionally, the schedule board map does not refresh automatically when changes are made 8 days out and beyond. This includes when a user drags a route to include a requirement. The map and the board will not update to reflect this newly created booking. The user must manually refresh the board and map.

Workaround: Click the Refresh button on the top right of the schedule board.

Resources where the resource type is Service Center, Group, or Generic are not fully supported

Resources in which the resource type is generic or service center are not included when user is searching for availability against a resource requirement. Scheduling support for service center resources and generic resources is not included. This means when a user creates a booking for a service center or group member, it does not automatically create, nor keep in sync, a related booking for the group or service center resource. General support for service center bookings and generic resource bookings are out of scope.

Workaround: Use supported resource types for availability search and create separate bookings for group/service center and its members.

Copy to clipboard function on error messages not supported in all browsers

When you encounter error messages on the schedule board, the Copy to Clipboard button will be disabled in all browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Workaround: Take a screenshot of the error message.

Map pin loading issue in Internet Explorer 10

The map on the schedule board may have issues loading map pins when you are using Internet Explorer 10, due to lack of browser support by Bing.

Workaround: Refresh the map or use a different web browser for map activities.

Scheduled requirements remain on the bottom panel of the schedule board

Since users can create resource requirements with a lengthy duration, when a booking is created for a requirement, we leave the requirement in the schedule board requirements list. For some users who will only create one booking per requirement, this may seem like a bug, but it is by design.

Workaround: Users can create a resource requirements view that excludes requirements based on their own criteria and use this view as their requirements list on the schedule board.

Error when searching for availability with some time zone settings in personal options

Certain user time zones, such as GMT�10:00 Aleutian Islands causes an error when searching for availability.

Workaround: User can change their time zone to another Dynamics 365 time zone, of equal value that is supported by availability search. For example, users in GMT�10:00 Aleutian Islands can change their time zone to GMT�10:00 Hawaiian Islands.

Schedule board rules are not supported in multiday schedule board views

Schedule board rules do not execute in daily, weekly, or monthly views.

Booking alerts are not displayed next to bookings in multiday views

Booking alerts are not displayed next to respective booking in daily, weekly, or monthly schedule board views.

Workaround: Users can still see alerts in the details panel.

Schedule board headers do not scroll properly when in Right to Left Format when using touch-enabled devices

When you use a touch-enabled device, there are intermittent issues when a user scrolls within the schedule board in right to left format where the headers are not aligned with the board properly.

Workaround: Disable touch on the device.

Timeslots outside of search criteria are not made unavailable when you search across all resources in the hourly view �

When you search for availability by searching across all resources in the hourly view, the time before and after the searched time does not appear dimmed, even though it is not available.

Workaround: Focus on the recommended slots represented by a gray border, or change the calendar to the next day and then change it back to the original day of focus.

Cannot search for all resources when you are on page 2 or greater on the schedule board

When you are on the schedule board and there are multiple pages of resources, if you are on a page other than page 1 and you search all resources for availability, no results will be returned.

Workaround: Initiate search from page 1, or click the grid icon after searching to see the results in the grid.


Project Service Automation known issues

Updating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation fails if organization�s default language is not English

If you have the Microsoft Dynamics 365 2016 update, and you update the Project Service Automation solution from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1 (8.1) to December 2016 Update for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) (8.2), the solution update fails if the organization�s default language is not English and the English language is not enabled.

Workaround: Enable the English language for the organization before updating the Project Service Automation solution.

When creating a new Quote Line for a �Project-based Service,� the Name field is not available.

This happens when using the + button on the Project based lines sub-grid on an org where the Field Service solution was installed before the Project Service Automation solution.

Workaround: Use the + button on the Product based lines to open a Quote line form and switch the Product type selection on the form to �Project-based Service� � the form will initialize correctly with the fields required to create a project-based quote line.

In Dynamics 365 Government organizations, the Project parameter is not created automatically after the solution is installed

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government organizations, after you install Project Service Automation from the Dynamics 365 Administration Center the Project parameter is not created automatically, which affects all project service automation functionality.

Workaround: Manually create a parameter after the Project Service Automation solution is installed:

1.       Sign in to your Dynamics 365 organization.

2.       Go to Project Service > Settings > Parameters.

3.       Click New.

4.       In the Description field, enter Parameter, and then click Save.

Product bundles in Project Service Automation are not supported

Project Service Automation has product-based lines that let users add items from the catalog to project opportunities, project quotes, and project contracts. However, at this time, product bundles in project service are not supported, and adding bundles could lead to inconsistent behavior.

Adding product bundles to opportunities, quotes, or project contracts may cause multiple issues. Generating quotes from opportunities or generating contracts from quotes will result in duplicate lines for bundled components. Also, creating costs and unbilled revenue for billing will be incorrect for product bundles.

Workaround: Avoid adding product bundles to project opportunities, project quotes, or project contracts.

Price list date effectiveness

Multiple project price lists can be attached to customer and organizational units. Multiple project price lists can also be added on project opportunities, project quotes, and project contract entities. However, at this time, project service doesn�t fully handle date effectiveness on project price lists.

When multiple project price lists with overlapping date effectiveness are added, Project Service Automation doesn�t validate, and this might result in default prices showing on project estimate lines, quote line details, and project contract line details, and in transactions having a price defaulted at random from any one of the attached price lists.

Workaround: Check that the date effectiveness (the Start date and End date fields on the price list header) on the price lists that are attached to an entity don�t overlap.

Profitability and customer budget charts on a quote don't load automatically

On a quote page, Project Service Automation adds charts to show the estimated spread of revenue and cost over time, and summarizes role- and category-based chargeable and nonchargeable costs among others. There are also charts that show comparisons to customer budgets. These charts don�t load or refresh automatically when there is a change to fields like Customer Budget or Quote line amount.

Charts aren�t loaded and you�ll see this message: �Click to load chart data.� �Click the link to render the chart.

Workaround: Manually refresh the charts on the quote page.

Calculated roll-up fields on a quote form aren�t automatically refreshed

Project Service Automation shows estimated costs, chargeable and nonchargeable costs, and estimated gross margins on each quote. However, these fields are implemented using �roll-up� fields. When a user updates quote line details for a quantity or role, or changes any price or chargeable option, it affects estimated cost and margin. However, the roll-up fields that show this information on the quote header aren�t refreshed when the changes are saved.

The gross margin, total chargeable cost, and total non-chargeable cost information shown on the quote header page may not be up to date.

Workaround: These fields are roll-up fields. Click the Refresh button to refresh these fields and to get the correct calculation of gross margin on the project quote.

All amounts on the contract performance are shown in the base currency

Project Service Automation shows contract performance-related metrics on the project contract page. These include measures like estimated cost, cost incurred till date, estimated revenue, billings to date, and estimated gross margin and gross margin till date. In this section, all of the amount fields are shown in the base currency installed with Dynamics 365. Each contract has a cost currency and a sales currency that defaults from the customer. All costs are incurred in the cost currency and all billings happen in the sales currency. However, when reporting on these fields in the contract performance section on the project contract page, all amounts are converted to the base currency and are shown to the user.

The amounts in the base currency may be difficult for users to understand if they are expecting to see the amounts in their organizational unit�s currency.

In a project WBS, creating a task that is sixteen levels deep will fail

If a project task is created sixteen levels deep, or if an existing task is indented to level sixteen, the task save will fail. This is due to a limitation on the framework that a plug-in can only call itself fifteen times before the framework believes it�s in an infinite recursive loop.

Sharing the URLs of �Resource Availability� and �Resource Utilization� web resources can cause unauthorized users to see resource utilization and availability data

To provide an interactive and visual user interface for booking resources and inquiring in to historical resource utilization, web resources are used that don�t have a Backing entity as the data displayed is aggregated. If authorized users manually share the URL of �Resource Availability� and �Resource Utilization� with unauthorized users, the unauthorized users will be able to see historical resource utilization and resource availability data. This means that the bookable resource Booking entity is open for reads for the project resource role, and open for writes for the resource manager, project manager, and practice manager roles.

Workaround: Provide guidance for authorized users not to share the URL of �Resource Availability� and �Resource Utilization� views with unauthorized users.

To see past week resource utilization charts on the resource management dashboard, you need to run the �UpdateRoleUtilization� workflow manually

To run the workflow manually:

1.       Go to Project Service > Settings > Batch Jobs.

2.       Select the Utilization Chart record and click the RUN WORKFLOW button.

3.       In the lookup dialog, select UpdateRoleUtilization, click Add, and then click OK.

User gets stuck when creating a rating value as part of associating characteristics to a resource

1.       Click + on the Characteristics subgrid.

2.       Choose a characteristic.

3.       When choosing a rating value, do not click +New, because creating rating values on the fly is not supported. Select an existing rating value instead. You can always create a new proficiency model and define the rating values you want as part of setting up new proficiency models.

The Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation Add-in for Microsoft Project is not available in all languages supported by Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 does not support all languages that are supported by Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation. The add-in is not available for those languages that are not supported by Microsoft Project Professional 2016. The unsupported languages are:� Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Hong Kong SAR), Estonian, Galician, Indonesian, Kazakh, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay (Malaysia), Serbian (Cyrillic), Serbian (Latin), and Vietnamese.

Field Service known issues

OnChange Event for lookup is not triggered when data is populated using relationship mapping

When moving through the business process flow from a case to a work order, the work order type is not automatically generated from the default incident type if it was populated through the 1:N mapping from Case to Work Order.

Workaround: Create a workflow to set the work order type based on the incident type on create.

Field Service is not supported in Dynamics 365 for Outlook

Field Service is disabled in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook and is not supported.

Ownership of assets does not change when using the RMA processing action

When processing an RMA, if a user adds work order products to the RMA and selects the processing action to change asset ownership, after marking the selected products as received, the ownership of the asset does not change.

Workaround: Manually change asset ownership or use a workflow.

Breadcrumb trail on a menu shifts from field service to project service when working on shared entities when both field service and project service are installed

When a user accesses an entity that is shared by both field service and project service via the field service administration page, the menu path gets re-pathed to project service.

Cannot resize inventory transfer form in Internet Explorer 11

When you launch the inventory transfer page by clicking the Inventory Transfer button on the Inventory Transfer form ribbon, the window cannot be resized in Internet Explorer 11.

Overlapping alerts

Booking alerts sometimes overlap.

Working hours not considered in schedule assistant time groups

When using time groups in the schedule assistant, resources may be scheduled during nonworking hours.

Resource Scheduling Optimization known issues

Booking coordinates are ignored when different than parent requirement coordinates.

When a resource requirement record has a value of "onsite" in the work location field, and the requirement and the booking have different coordinates, the booking coordinates are ignored and the requirement coordinates are respected.

Workaround: Keep the requirement and booking coordinates in sync.

More capacity than demand scenarios are not always returning optimal results.

In scenarios where you have more resource capacity, meaning working hours, than demand, meaning hours to be booked, results may not be optimal.

Workaround: Minimize resources working hours when the scenario occurs.

Connected Field Service known issues

Field Service must be installed before Connected Field Service

You need to install the Field Service solution before you attempt to install the Connected Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

When installing Field Service, customers cannot use their existing Azure resources

New resources are created under the resource group that a user specifies.

Humidity signals are not sent to Dynamics 365 as IoT alerts by default

Temperature readings are sent as IoT alerts to Dynamics 365.

Workaround: Define a rule in stream analytics to send the humidity to Dynamics 365 as an IoT alert.

Temperature readings that are below 70 degrees Fahrenheit will not be sent as IoT alerts to Dynamics 365 by default

By default, a temperature reading that is lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit is not sent to Dynamics 365 as an IoT alert.

Workaround: Use stream analytics to change the threshold.

Supported relationship between asset and devices

The supported asset-device relationship is (1 - 0..*). Although the connection entity allows you to define many-to-many relationships between assets and devices, Connected Field Service doesn�t support this.

Connected Field Service is not GCC compliant

Due to dependencies on Azure resources that are not GCC compliant, connected Field Service is not GCC compliant.

New commands require a backing JSON object to define the message structure

The commands send to a device (reset, reboot, etc.) are device specific and must be backed for a JSON that is defined based on supported device commands.

Installation application service principal is provisioned as a contributor into a customer subscription

Customers can manually remove deployment application service principal from Azure subscription after installation is either complete or failed. To do this, navigate to Access control under the customer subscription.

Deployed custom connectors (app services) are not bound to Connected Field Service scenarios

To secure them, you need to follow standard Azure app service guidance on how to secure app services.

The Power BI chart is not showing up on asset and IoT alert screens

If the Power BI chart is not appearing, you need to download and configure the Power BI Desktop file named �Power BI Report Template for Connected Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365� from the Microsoft Download Center:

1.       Download the Power BI designer file (PBIX) from the Microsoft Download Center.

2.       Enter your Azure SQL database credentials for Power BI Desktop, and then sign in to Power BI for Office 365.

3.       Update the query to point it to your Azure SQL DB data store.

4.       Publish the report to your Power BI for Office 365 account.

5.       Pin the tile to your Power BI dashboard.

6.       Share it with Dynamics 365 users that have Power BI subscriptions (Power BI Pro SKU is required).

7.       Either on an asset, IoT Device, or IoT Alert forms, configure the Power BI chart by clicking the Power BI section on the screen and choosing the dashboard and tile that you want to use.

Note: Connected Device Reading appears only for registered devices.

Dynamics 365 portals known issues

Multi-portal scenario � Schema changes require all portals for an org to be upgraded

Schema changes that were made to support multi-language portals in the latest Dynamics 365 release require you to upgrade all portals to the new release.

Multi-portal scenario - Duplicate portal languages sample data is inserted while provisioning portals in different languages in the same org

Sample data is provided out of the box in 43 supported portal languages, which aligns with the languages that can be enabled on a portal. In multi-portal scenarios, when Dynamics 365 portals are provisioned in different languages, the portal language sample data is duplicated.

Workaround: Provision all your portals in the same language and enable other languages in it to avoid this issue. Or, manually delete the duplicate localized portal languages sample data.

Site settings do not have validation

Site settings you make for Dynamics 365 portals are not validated by the system.

Multi-language support � Home and Page Not Found page should be made available in a language for the portal to work seamlessly

Adding multi-language support is a new feature for Dynamics 365portals. After you add a supported language to your portal, you need to make your home page and Page Not Found page available in the new language for the portal to work as expected.

Process designer and process known issues 

Unable to set estimated budget on the Lead entity

If a business process flow has a step of type Money, but the corresponding field is also not present in the form, trying to input data will raise a validation error about the associated currency not being set and will prevent the form from being saved.

Workaround: Add the corresponding field to the form (Budget Amount for the Estimated Value step), and optionally hide it by clearing the Visible by default check box in the field�s properties.

Switching away from properties page discards all unapplied changes with no user notification

Edits that a user has made but not applied in a component tile property pane will be discarded without any warning. Users must click the Apply button before they edit other tiles. 

Inconsistent status terminology used on designer status bar

The Inactive and Draft statuses are used interchangeably across the designer status bar, entity grids etc, but they mean the same thing.

Newly added stage is not fully visible on the main canvas

When a new component tile is added to a large process that extends outside the main canvas, only part of the process flow may be visible. All tiles can still be selected, and their properties can be edited, but users may think that partially-visible tiles aren�t usable. 

Validation errors are not shown when branch conditions use formulas

The business process designer shows validation errors across all component tiles and any property values. However, when the condition is a formula, users will see server side errors that are not as user friendly. 

Inline editing is not working for last stage/page occasionally

In some cases, using inline editing on component tile names might not work for the last stage tile in a process flow, or the last page tile in a task flow. Users can edit component tile names in the tile property panes. 

Icons may be missing on process flow snapshot for some browser configurations

For the specific configuration of Internet Explorer 11 running on Windows 8.1, icons don�t appear for the snapshot generated for the business process. Users can easily read component tile type labels while reviewing the process flow using these snapshots, or they can use a different browser config.

Save fails if Workflow tile or stage that contains workflow is copied and pasted from the toolbar

When you use the Copy and Paste buttons on the toolbar with a Workflow tile or a stage that contains a workflow, Save will not work.

Workaround: Drag the Workflow tile or stage and drop it into place, rather than using the toolbar buttons, or recreate a matching stage.

Business rule text view may not reflect property changes when validation mode is off

The rule definition typically gets updated without requiring any user intervention as the page gets refreshed during further edits.

Workaround: Save the business rule.

Office365 Groups

System Administrator need to manually reactivate Office 365 Groups�related processes after upgrade from v2.5.0.1 to v2.6

After upgrading Office 365 Groups solution from version to 2.6, the following processes might not be reactivated automatically�a system administrator might need to manually reactivate these:

1.       Add Group Member

2.       Add Pending Group Members

3.       Check Duplicate Group Name

4.       Connect Entity to Group

5.       Create Collaboration

6.       Publish Configuration

7.       Retrieve Office Groups Collaboration

8.       Retrieve Office Groups Header

9.       Retrieve Pending Groups Members

10.   Validate Office Groups Setting

Learning Path

Preview of a guided task using the Learning Path authoring tool does not work for the mobile apps with the Edge browser

Learning Path can be used in the mobile apps to create, edit, and publish customized Learning Path content. While editing guided tasks, the tool allows users to preview the guided task. This functionality does not work with the Edge browser.

Workaround: Use another browser (from the supported configurations).


Learning Path allows creation of customized help content like sidebars and guided tasks. Some areas in the tool don�t fully support keyboard navigation and screen readers for content development at this time.

Guided task editing: Step may become unpinned or may go outside of the viewing area

Users can drag and drop a guided task step to the Dynamics 365 application, and then pin it to any UI element or change its orientation of the step can be changed � that specifies where the step is positioned with respect to the pinned element.

A step may become �unpinned� or inaccessible in the following circumstances:

1.       User tries to pin the step to a UI element where it cannot be pinned

2.       User changes the relative position of the step in such a way that the step goes outside the viewable area

Workaround: Retrieve the step from the Flow editor and re-pin it by dragging and dropping it again.

Issues in pinning a guided task step in the interactive service hub using Firefox browser

You can create guided tasks for the interactive service hub by launching the Learning Path Authoring tool on it. If you create a guided task for the interactive service hub while using a Firefox browser, you may notice that when you pin a guided task step, releasing the mouse click after drag-drop may not pin the step. A mouse click may be needed to pin the step in the application UI.

Issues in pinning a guided task step on any tile on the My Apps page

You can navigate to the Settings > My Apps page to view all out-of-the-box and custom apps available. You can launch the Learning Path Authoring tool to add guided task steps on this page. The pinned guided task steps may show as pinned to the wrong elements on the page, during preview and runtime.

Export of Learning Path controls (including localized file export) does not work in Safari 9 browser

If you are using a Safari 9 browser, you cannot export localized files of a Learning Path control from Advanced Options and you cannot export an entire Learning Path control from the Content Library.


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