Maintenance workers and worker groups

This article explains maintenance workers and worker groups in Asset Management. In Asset Management, you can connect maintenance workers to functional locations. (For more information about functional locations, see Create functional locations.) This functionality might be useful if, for example, you're scheduling a maintenance job on a machine that is located in functional location 01, and you want to allocate maintenance workers from the same location to perform the job.

You can also create maintenance worker groups and associate maintenance workers with them. This functionality is useful when you do simple work order scheduling, and you want to schedule a group of maintenance workers on a work order. You can use maintenance workers and maintenance worker groups to set up preferred maintenance workers and responsible maintenance workers.

Create workers

  1. Select Asset management > Setup > Workers > Workers.

  2. Select New to add a worker to the list.

  3. In the Worker field, select the worker.

  4. Set the Active option to Yes to schedule the worker on work orders.

    On the General FastTab, the Resource and Description fields are automatically filled in if a resource has been selected for the worker. The Calendar field is also automatically filled in, provided that you've set up the worker as a resource and allocated a calendar to that resource on the Resources page (Organization administration > Resources > Resources).

  5. On the Groups FastTab, select Add, and then select a maintenance worker group for the worker. A worker can be affiliated with more than one group.

  6. In the standard setup, a worker's affiliation with a group is effective from the date when you add the group, and it never expires. This date is shown in the Effective field. To see the Effective field, select View > All. If the worker's affiliation with a group should be limited to a specific period, use the Effective and Expiration fields to define the period.

  7. On the Functional locations FastTab, select Add, and then select a functional location for the maintenance worker. Also specify which location is the primary functional location for the worker.


    When you add functional locations to a worker, all active assets that are related to those functional locations appear on various menu items, such as My active assets and My active functional locations. They also appear in the asset lookups that are shown when you create a new asset, maintenance request, or work order.

    The fields on the Details FastTab show the number of maintenance worker groups and functional locations that the selected maintenance worker is related to.

Create worker groups

  1. Select Asset management > Setup > Workers > Maintenance worker groups.

  2. Select New to add a worker group to the list.

  3. In the Maintenance worker group field, enter a group ID.

  4. In the Name field, enter a name.

  5. On the Workers FastTab, select Add, and then select a maintenance worker for the worker group. For information about the Effective and Expiration fields, see step 6 in the previous procedure.

  6. If a resource group should be related to the selected maintenance worker group, select Copy from resource group. In the Group field, select the resource group to copy calendar settings from. Then, in the Worker group field, select the worker group to copy the resource group's calendar settings to. This step is relevant only if you want maintenance workers to use the calendar that is related to a resource (work center) during work order scheduling.

    The field on the Details FastTab shows the number of maintenance workers that have been set up on the selected maintenance worker group.