Set up short picking item reallocation

This procedure shows how to enable warehouse workers to quickly find alternative locations if there isn’t sufficient inventory at the location they’ve been directed to.

The reallocation process is controlled by a Work exception and used by the warehouse worker.

It is possible to use Automatic, Manual, or both reallocation processes:

  • Automatic reallocation - Location directives are used to determine if the goods are available at another location. If possible, the work will be updated and the warehouse user will be directed to the alternative location.
  • Manual reallocation - Allows the warehouse user to select from one or more locations with unreserved quantities of goods.
  • Automatic and manual - If the system is unable to perform an automatic reallocation, and locations are available with unreserved quantities, the user will be prompted to select a location.

Set up work exceptions

It's possible to define several work exceptions with different item reallocation policies to enable the warehouse worker to choose one based on the needs of the shipment that they are processing.

The USMF demo data company was used to create this procedure.

  1. Go to Warehouse management > Setup > Work > Work exceptions.
  2. Click New
  3. In the Work exception code field, type a value. This will be the title of this exception . For example, Short picking manual.
  4. In the Description field, type a value. This will be a short description of the usage of this exception. For example, Short picking - item not available.
  5. In the Exception type field, select Short pick.
  6. Select the Adjust inventory check box. If selected, inventory will automatically be adjusted to 0 at the short picked location.
  7. In the Default adjustment type code field, enter or select a value. For example, in USMF you can select Remove Res Adj Out. Each Adjustment type code contains four characteristics: name, description, inventory journal name, and Remove reservations. If Remove reservations is enabled, the short-picked order line's reservations will be removed.
  8. In the Item reallocation field, select a value, such as Manual. If you select Manual, or Automatic and Manual, the warehouse worker needs to be enabled to use manual reallocation.

Set up a worker to use manual item reallocation

The USMF demo data company was used to create this procedure.

  1. Close the page.
  2. Go to Warehouse management > Setup > Worker.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In the list, select worker. For example, Julia Funderburk.
  5. Expand the Users FastTab.
  6. In the list, select a User ID. For example, 24.
  7. Expand the Work FastTab.
  8. Select Yes in the Allow manual item reallocation field.