Analyze best practices in Unified Service Desk

This topic describes the best practices or guidelines for system configurations or browser settings that we recommend when you use Unified Service Desk.

Although deviating from best practices may not necessarily lead to a breakdown, they indicate crucial parameters that can result in poor performance, poor reliability, unexpected conflicts, increased security risks, or other potential issues.

What is Best Practices Analyzer for Unified Service Desk

Best Practices Analyzer analyzes the compliance of Unified Service Desk with best practice rules in certain categories. The Best Practices Analyzer displays the results of analysis in the form of a report with severity levels, description of the parameter, and mitigation for the non-compliant / problematic areas.

The following table lists the categories against which Best Practices Analyzer analyzes the compliance of best practice rules.

Category name Description
Unified Service Desk Configurations Unified Service Desk Configurations are the configurations (hosted controls, actions, events, and so on) that you configure for Unified Service Desk in Dataverse.
System configurations System configurations are the information about local computer hardware (RAM, operating system, and so on), and Unified Service Desk version.
Internet Explorer settings Internet Explorer settings are the settings (General, Security, Advanced, and so on) that you configure for Internet Explorer.

The following table lists the results of Severity level analysis.

Severity category Description
Pass The report displays a pass result when a parameter satisfies the recommended criteria.
Warning The report displays a warning result when a parameter doesn't satisfy the recommended criteria and due to which Unified Service Desk can encounter potential issues. Using recommended value settings for parameters helps Unified Service Desk to perform better.
Error The report displays an error result when a parameter doesn't satisfy the recommended criteria.

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