Period types (form)

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click Organization administration > Common > Calendars > Period types.


Click Project management and accounting > Setup > Timesheets > Timesheet period types.

Use this form to create period types, which are required in Microsoft Dynamics AX for use with estimates, subscriptions, and missing timesheet reports.

Tasks that use this form

Assign and maintain worker periods

Create and generate timesheet periods

Set up pay periods for time registration workers

Generate timesheet periods

Place a period on hold

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




General tab

View information about the active project period.




Period types

Enter a name to identify the new period type. The period type typically reflects the type of period frequency that you select in the Frequency field.


Type a description for the period type.


Specify how often hours should be registered.

The available values are as follows:

  • Ledger period - Select this option to create periods with the same definitions as the fiscal periods that are set up in the General ledger. The period definitions inherit the periods that are set up in the Fiscal calendars form. Click General ledger > Setup > Fiscal calendars.

  • Day, Week, Bi-weekly, Semi-Monthly, Month, Quarter, Years - Select one of these values to define the time period for journal approval.

  • Unlimited - Select this option to create a period with no set limits.

Auto split week

Select this check box to split weekly and bi-weekly periods at month end.

Day week starts

The day of the week that the timesheet week starts.



Not all buttons are available for all period types. For example, Update worker periods is available only if the period type Week is selected; and Update timesheet periods and Show timesheet periods are available only if the period type Month or Week are selected.



Period transactions

Open the Period transactions form for the active period to display the generated periods.

Generate periods

Create the period frequency dates in the system.

When you click this button, a default period of one year is suggested. The starting day of the suggested period is the current date, and the periods that are created encompass an entire period of that type. For example, a period of “Month” begins on the first day of a month.

Before the start of every fiscal year, you must update the period definitions. After you create or update the period definitions, update each worker by assigning work periods to them for the new fiscal year.

Select the Update worker periods check box to automatically update the period for all workers who are assigned to this period type.

Update worker periods

Create new periods for the workers who are assigned to the current period code. If no workers are assigned to the active project period, this button is unavailable.


Open the Worker form, which is filtered to display only the workers who are assigned to the active project period. In this form, you can attach workers to the active project period.

Update timesheet periods

Update the From and To dates for timesheet periods.

Show timesheet periods

Display all period dates for the selected period.

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