Production journal (form)

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click Production control > Journals > Picking list.


Click Production control > Journals > Route card.


Click Production control > Journals > Job card.


Click Production control > Journals > Report as finished.

Use this form to register feedback for production orders. The journal types and their specific usage are as follows:

  • Picking list – Register the release of items from inventory.

  • Route card – Register the route consumption of operations.

  • Job card – Register resource consumption by using job cards. Types of resource consumption include the following:

    • Queue time after

    • Queue time before

    • Transit time

    • Setup time

    • Run time

    • Overlap quantity

  • Report as finished – Register actual material consumption.

To create a new journal, click Create new or press CTRL+N. To add entries to the journal, click Lines.

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View basic information about the identification and the current status of the journal.

General tab

View or modify the identification, voucher, reference, posting, and automatic backflushing settings for the journal.

Setup tab

View or modify consumption settings for the journal.


View or modify user and system access rights to the journals. To exclude users or user groups from the journal, use one of the following methods:

  • Select the Private check box.

  • Define a group in the Private for user group field.

For security reasons, only one user at a time can enter lines in a particular journal.


View the most recent posting information for the journal. This information includes the date of the last transaction and the user who posted it. To update the number of lines that were posted, click the Recalculation button found on this tab.





Create or view lines in the journal.


Check the current transaction for errors.


Post the journal. In the dialog box that opens, you have the option to transfer erroneous transactions to a different journal.

Create new

Create a journal. A new line appears on the Overview tab.


View the posting errors.

Picking list

Create picking list journal lines for the selected journal in the Create lines form.





Select the name of the current journal from the existing journal types. For more information, see Production journal names (form).


The number sequence of the journal.

Journal type

View the journal type.


The description of the journal.


View the identification of the production.


View the number of lines that are recorded in the journal.


This check box is automatically selected when journal lines are posted to the ledger.


When a picking list, route card, or job card journal is posted, the actual price for the production is calculated.

Selection by

Select an option that will define when a new voucher number is automatically picked.

New voucher by

Select an option that will define when a new voucher is allocated.

Purchase order

View the referenced purchase order when the picking list journal is generated under one of these conditions:

  • All journal lines reference the same operation, and the operation is the vendor type.

  • One of the journal lines is a production BOM line of the vendor type, and the BOM line references a purchase order where the item is the service type.

If you create the journal manually, you can change the field.

Detail level

Select the level of detail for the journal information that is posted per operation from the following options:

  • Details – Multiple journal lines are posted individually.

  • Summary – Multiple journal lines are summarized and then posted.

Delete lines after posting

Select this check box to delete the journal lines after the journal is posted.

Waiting for creation

This field determines whether picking list lines are generated when you post a route card, a job card, or a report as finished journal. If you want to report related BOM consumption, but you have not created related picking list journals, the following actions are completed automatically:

  • The picking list journal header is generated and this field is selected.

  • The picking list journal lines are generated.

This field is used internally by the system and cannot be modified. If you create the picking list journal before you post a route, a job, or a report as finished journal, this field is not used.

Good quantity

The produced quantity of good items.

Error quantity

The produced quantity of items that have errors.

Oper. No.

The number that determines sequencing in routes.

End job

Select this check box to end jobs when they are reported as finished. When you end jobs, you do not expect to register additional feedback for them.

Pick negative

Select this check box to allow the on-hand inventory to become negative when items are picked. If you do not select this check box, picking from inventory occurs only if the item is physically available. If the item is not available, an error log is created.

Physical reduction

Select this check box to reduce material consumption to the available on-hand quantity when inventory is insufficient. If you do not select this check box, the material consumption is unchanged.

If you have not accepted that inventory in-hand can become negative, an error log is created if the physical inventory is not available.

Inv.-manage planned order qty.

Select this check box to prevent duplicate inventory transactions. Duplicate inventory transactions occur when multiple journal lines are unintentionally created for a production order.

Accept error

When you select this check box, errors are ignored and reporting as finished is run. If you do not select this check box, errors are displayed in a log.

Automatic BOM consumption

Select this check box to automatically register BOM consumption in the picking list. The default value is taken from the setting in the production parameters.

Picking list journal name

The journal name that is used for automatic BOM consumption.

Automatic report as finished

Feedback from the last operation is automatically reported as finished for production. The value of this field is taken from the production parameters.

Report as finished journal name

The name of the journal that is used to automatically report productions as finished. The name is copied from the default value in the production parameters.

Used by user

When the In use check box is selected, this field contains the identification of the user who is currently using the journal.

Private for user

When the Private check box is selected, this field contains the identification of the user who has exclusive use of the journal.

Locked by system

When this field is selected, the journal is closed to other users.

Private for user group

The user group that has exclusive use of the journal.

Posted on

The date and time when the journal was posted.

Posted by

The user who posted the journal.

Original journal No.

The journal number that the lines are transferred from.


The number of journal lines that were posted.

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