Set up vendor's product numbers


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Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack

For a particular product, you can create and maintain data that is specific to a vendor. For example, you can print invoices that include product numbers and descriptions that are specific to a particular recipient.

The external product number can be set up for a specific vendor. This product number can include the combinations of all variants that are available for an item.

  1. Click Retail > Setup > Product/order creation > Vendor's product numbers.

  2. In the External item descriptions form, select an external item number, or click New to create a new item number.

  3. In the External item number field, enter the vendor’s identifier for the product.

  4. In the Item number field, select an internal product that corresponds to the vendor’s item number. Then, in the Vendor field, select the vendor.

  5. Select the item description and inventory dimensions as appropriate.

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