Identity data storage for Australian and New Zealand customers in Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID stores identity data in a location chosen based on the address provided by your organization when subscribing to a Microsoft service like Microsoft 365 or Azure. For information on where your Identity Customer Data is stored, you can use the Where is your data located? section of the Microsoft Trust Center.


Services and applications that integrate with Microsoft Entra ID have access to Identity Customer Data. Evaluate each service and application you use to determine how Identity Customer Data is processed by that specific service and application, and whether they meet your company's data storage requirements. For more information about Microsoft services' data residency, see the Where is your data located? section of the Microsoft Trust Center.

For customers who provided an address in Australia or New Zealand, Microsoft Entra ID keeps identity data for these services within Australian datacenters:

  • Microsoft Entra Directory Management
  • Authentication

All other Microsoft Entra services store customer data in global datacenters.

Microsoft Entra multifactor authentication

Multifactor authentication stores Identity Customer Data in global datacenters. To learn more about the user information collected and stored by cloud-based Microsoft Entra multifactor authentication and Azure multifactor authentication Server, see Microsoft Entra multifactor authentication user data collection.

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