Problem creating an Application Proxy application

Below are some of the common issues people face when creating a new application proxy application.

To learn more about creating an Application Proxy application through the Admin Portal, see Publish applications using Microsoft Entra application proxy.

If you are following the steps in that document and are getting an error creating the application, see the error details for information and suggestions for how to fix the application. Most error messages include a suggested fix.

Specific things to check

To avoid common errors, verify:

  • You are an administrator with permission to create an Application Proxy application

  • The internal URL is unique

  • The external URL is unique

  • The URLs start with http or https, and end with a “/”

  • The URL should be a domain name and not an IP address

The error message should display in the top right corner when you create the application. You can also select the notification icon to see the error messages.

Notification prompt

Next steps

Enable Application Proxy in the Microsoft Entra admin center