Move managed identity for Azure resources across regions

There are situations in which you'd want to move your existing user-assigned managed identities from one region to another. For example, you may need to move a solution that uses user-assigned managed identities to another region. You may also want to move an existing identity to another region as part of disaster recovery planning, and testing.

Moving User-assigned managed identities across Azure regions isn't supported. You can however, recreate a user-assigned managed identity in the target region.


  • Permissions to list permissions granted to existing user-assigned managed identity.
  • Permissions to grant a new user-assigned managed identity the required permissions.
  • Permissions to assign a new user-assigned identity to the Azure resources.
  • Permissions to edit Group membership, if your user-assigned managed identity is a member of one or more groups.

Prepare and move

  1. Copy user-assigned managed identity assigned permissions. You can list Azure role assignments but that may not be enough depending on how permissions were granted to the user-assigned managed identity. You should confirm that your solution doesn't depend on permissions granted using a service specific option.
  2. Create a new user-assigned managed identity at the target region.
  3. Grant the managed identity the same permissions as the original identity that it's replacing, including Group membership. You can review Assign Azure roles to a managed identity, and Group membership.
  4. Specify the new identity in the properties of the resource instance that uses the newly created user assigned managed identity.


After reconfiguring your service to use your new managed identities in the target region, you need to confirm that all operations have been restored.

Clean up

Once that you confirm your service is back online, you can proceed to delete any resources in the source region that you no longer use.

Next steps

In this tutorial, you took the steps needed to recreate a user-assigned managed identity in a new region.