Machine Learning and AI for .NET

with Rowan Miller, Aditi Dugar, Bri Achtman

There’s a lot of buzz and hype on AI, ML, deep-learning, Azure AI and cognitive services and so on, within Microsoft and the competition, and for good reasons!   But, how can you easily learn about it without being a Data Scientist? This session will go over the various ways and solutions available to infuse AI into your existing .NET apps across connected and edge scenarios. This session will show you the multiple ways you can implement AI features on .NET apps, starting from a the easiest implementations (Cognitive Services in Azure and Azure ML) but also moving forward to more advanced and flexible scenarios based on the latest tools like Azure Workbench and the most important libraries like TensorFlow, CNTK and other AI approaches just being released to work with .NET like Tensor. Lastly,  the session will also highlight some of the work that the .NET team is investing in to make AI an integral part of .NET!               

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