Ingestion in data pipelines with Managed Kafka Clusters in Azure HDInsight

with Dhruv Goel

Kafka on Azure HDInsight is an enterprise-grade streaming ingestion service that allows you to quickly and easily setup, use, scale and monitor your Kafka clusters in the cloud. Kafka provides a fault tolerant, distributed pub sub model to enable real-time solutions such as Internet of Things (IoT), fraud detection, clickstream analysis, financial alerts, and social analytics. When you leverage HDInsight Kafka for your data pipelines, you get out of the box alerting, monitoring and predictive maintenance. HDInsight Kafka is integrated with Azure Managed Disks, which means that you can separate compute from data persistence and achieve much higher cost efficiencies than on-prem. You also get High availability and Disaster Recovery with MirrorMaker support. HDInsight Kafka also goes beyond by providing tools for rack-awareness in Azure environments. HDInsight customers easily stream millions of events per second with multiple GB/s.

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