Ask the Experts: Scaling responsible MLOps with Azure Machine Learning

with Abe Osarumwense Omorogbe, Christian Gero, Ilya Matiach, Minsoo Thigpen, Richard Edgar

Join our experts as we answer your questions, discuss Azure Machine Learning's Responsible AI (RAI) and MLOps capabilities. Engage with our experts to get clarity on the RAI dashboard and its new capabilities, the RAI scorecard, GitHub integration, and MLflow integration.

Ask the Experts: CATE21 | English (US)

This session was delivered as part of the Microsoft Build 2022 event. Discover and watch more on-demand videos from Microsoft Build 2022


  • Abe Osarumwense Omorogbe | LinkedIn: abeomor
  • Christian Gero | LinkedIn: christiangero
  • Ilya Matiach
  • Minsoo Thigpen
  • Richard Edgar