Fluffy Fairy's Lean Approach to Game Development: How an Indie Studio Grew a Hit Game after Only 8 Weeks

with Oliver Löffler, Phillip Rabe

Fluffy Fairy launched Idle Miner Tycoon with few game features, no app-store promotions, no marketing budget -- and no players. One year later their game is a certified hit, with more than 40 million installs and $100K of revenue a day. This tell-all session from [co-founder and CTO Oliver Löffler] will peel back the curtain to show how Fluffy Fairy launched a bare-bones game leveraging backend cloud services and drew on analytics to find, grow, and retain loyal players. Learn how Fluffy Fairy made the early decisions that were critical to Idle Miner Tycoon's success, and how it leveled up its LiveOps strategy to include in-game ads, offers, promotions, events, content updates, and social features.