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Microsoft Ignite | Nov 2-4, 2021 | Digital event

Watch key segments and other general sessions from Microsoft Ignite 2021.

Amplifying Black Voices at Microsoft
On Juneteenth this year, Humans of IT launched the Amplifying Black Voices blog series. These blogs have showcased some of the amazing talent we have at Microsoft, and now, we've brought together some of those highlighted in the series to share their stories and insights. Join this panel to learn more about them and find out how being a part of this series has impacted their respective journeys at Microsoft over the course of the last several months.
Bobby Akinboro, Pierre Darden, Skylar Dunn, Christina Gonsalves, LC Howland, Joshua West
APAC Local Connection: Building a multi-subsidiary Data Custodian to drive Group wide analytics and Customer 360
Very specific to ASEAN where conglomerates account for 30% of the GDP and often face challenges around how to do group wide analytics. This requires a group wide data share approach which a combination of Azure Data Share + IDW + Synapse analytics can handle effectively with a data mesh architecture; this is also applicable to intra governmental agency collaboration.
Karthikeyan Rajasekharan
Ask the Experts: Microsoft Certification
Get the latest updates and have your Microsoft Certification questions answered by our panel of experts. We'll cover available Microsoft Certification exams, how to keep your skills and certifications current, and tips and tricks on how to best leverage your certification.
Sudarshan Krishnamurthi, Liberty Munson, Karina Ung
Ask the Experts: Women in Tech: How to Advocate for Yourself at Work – Our Time, Our Place, Our Opportunity
Join Bhavana, Merrie, and Cathy as they share stories about how they have learned to advocate for themselves. Whatever our career stage, it's important to explore, prioritize, and be intentional about our choices. And with the help of others, we can reach our goals. Today, women everywhere are going through shared challenges, and we all have the opportunity to help create environments to help women succeed. This topic is top of mind: women have encountered even more challenges during the pandemic working from home. Research also shows that women have made the biggest sacrifices and have been the fallback plan during the pandemic. Now more than ever, it's imperative to carve out time for yourself to focus on your career. We are all still learning!
Bhavana Bartholf, Merrie Williamson, Cathy Gately
Australia & NZ Local Connection: Level up with top tips from an MS Learn Ambassador, Grad Hire and MVP
Join us for our Australia and New Zealand connection where three community builders from the Microsoft ecosystem talk about their roles as a MS Learn Ambassador, Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and Graduate Program Hire. They'll talk about what it is to be a community leader, what skills are needed to thrive in the future and their top tips on how to make an impact. Drop by to hear their perspectives and have your questions answered.
Ashlee Culmsee, Jia Keatnuxsuo, Sahithi Kodali, Michelle Sandford
Battling fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the workplace
It's the voice in your head that tells you to keep quiet. It's the niggling feeling of imposter syndrome that won't go away. It's the regret you feel when you don't speak up.This session explores why fear, uncertainty, and doubt creep into our workplace and highlights ways to counteract it. Whether you're a technologist, an organizational leader, or a mentor that wants to support the growth of others, you'll get practical tips for overcoming the negative and lifting yourself (and others) up.
Sarah Haase
Building real human connection using virtual reality
A key part of in-person events is coming together in real time with others to share experiences, like learning something together, having hallway conversations, seeing old friends, networking, and Happy Hours. Virtual Reality can provide all of these experiences - though the drinks are virtual! In this panel, we'll hear from experts who are using VR to recreate the connecting experiences we've been missing, and exploring VR to create new experiences that are possible only in the virtual world.
Alex Blanton, CR Capers, Karolina Manko, Cathy Moya, Zaid Zaim
Canada Local Connection - How the fastest growing companies in Canada are leading with digital optimism
Join us for a discussion where we hear from Canadian Tech innovators and the fastest growing companies in Canada during the Canadian Local Connection at Microsoft Ignite. We will be sharing stories of digital optimism where innovators have thrived in a new world of hybrid work, building secure and next generation applications for the new digital wave. Registration for Microsoft Ignite is required prior to registering for the Canadian Connection Session.
Samer Adi, Laurent Renaud, Corey Scobie, Hilary Zaborski
CEE Local Connection: Minden amit az Ignite-ról tudni akarsz, de nem volt lesz időd meghallgatni
Találkozz Microsoft vezetőkkel, szakértőkkel és az IT Pro, Fejlesztő közösséggel. Hallgasd meg a Microsoft Ignite híreinek összefoglalóját szakértőink tolmácsolásában. Csatlakozz a Live Event eseményünkhöz és kérdezz közvetlenül a szakértőktől!
Gabriella Csanak, Istvan Kiraly, Zoltan Kiss, Zsolt Torok
CEE Local Connection: Sber.DS codeless Platform для разработчиков AI / ML
1. The development system is intended for visual development of models and their validation. 2. The product is designed considering its use in multi-cloud (On-prem, Azure, Amazon) environments for specialists with various ML tools. 3. The platform was built using microservice architecture based on the following technologies: Red Hat OpenShift (Kubernetes),Hadoop, 4. Unlimited extensibility through custom code - shared customers ML models library 5. Wide integration capabilities: Oracle, Teradata, Hadoop
Alexander Chesnavsky, Roman Tikhonov
Conversations with APAC dev community leaders on embracing Diversity and inclusion for reimagining Asia pacific
Recently, in Asia pacific many dev communities and businesses came together to launch "Code; without barriers", a Diversity & Inclusion program that focuses on breaking barriers for developer diversity across businesses and communities. Join us in the conversation as we bring back the dev community leaders to know the on-ground progress after the launch and to hear new inspirational stories that will motivate you to rebuild your careers in tech while breaking all barriers along the way.
Tamarai G V, Angela Kim, eric ku, sindhura sunkara
France Local Connection: Green Software Development
Microsoft is committed to being carbon neutral by 2030, which means we will remove more carbon from the environment than we emit. By 2050, our goal is to have eliminated all the carbon emitted since the company was founded in 1975. These are big ambitions that require a radical change in the way we operate, but also in the way we think. Green technologies and green software development play a key role in achieving these goals, not only for Microsoft, but also for communities and ecosystems. David Rousset & Pierre Lagarde from Microsoft will explain why green technologies are so important and how Microsoft is contributing to them.
Pierre Lagarde, David Rousset
France Local Connection: Why should I engage with my developers now?
Have you felt that wind shift too? It has never been more urgent to take care of your development teams and their productivity. They are at the heart of your company's rhythm: beating the pace to create hand in hand with the Field while constantly innovating. Their needs? Ultra-customized training, creation and animation of communities of expertise and good practices, and tools that combine performance and well-being. Charline and Tiffany, Dev PMM at Microsoft will share with you their observations of the market and methods.
Charline Grenet, Tiffany Souterre
Germany Local Connection: State of the Art Developer Workspace & Tools
Torsten Stiller is former Cloud Solution Lead Architect and now Developer Audience Lead in Germany and will speak about Microsoft State of the Art Developer Workspace, Tools and Platforms.
Torsten Stiller
Get to know the developer communities and partners in Ireland
This session provides an overview of our local technical communities, along with customer and partner projects as well.
Juarez Barbosa Junior, Hugo Barona, Bibhas Bhattacharya, John Corley, Lee Johnston
How to navigate Microsoft Communities in CEE
Please join us for a fun and interactive session in which we discuss Microsoft's major community programs in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE). You will get to learn about the following community programs: MVP - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, RD - Regional Director, MLSA - Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, Developer community in CEE, and the Tech Community. Not only will you get to learn about these programs, but we will have community members joining the session to share with you their story of how they became involved with Microsoft communities.
Rafal Czuprynski, Cristina Herrero, Elisaveta Noykovska, MARIYA ODINTSOVA, Tomáš Odráška, Anatolyevna Rekhert
In-Demand Careers in Cybersecurity
Find out about some of today's fastest growing careers in cybersecurity and the skills you need to land them.
Akash Kaura, Anthony Kerr
Japan Local Connection: 技術を学ぶその先にあるもの Learning Together, Growing Together
昨今よく聞かれるデジタル トランスフォーメーション (DX) を通じたビジネスの変革を実現するために重要な要素のひとつとして、技術者の人材育成が挙げられます。「人材育成」と言えば企業視点の考え方で、その DX を担う技術者は、技術を学ぶことをどのように考えているのでしょうか。体系的な知識を身に付けるために書籍を読んだり、関連する情報を検索したり、何かを学ぶ時はまず技術者ひとりひとりがそれぞれ行動します。ひと通り知識が身についた後も、今度は日々進化する技術の最新情報をキャッチアップし、自分の知識を更新していく必要があります。時には何のために学習するのかとやる気が低下してしまうこともあるかもしれません。技術の学習には終わりがあるものではなく、ひとりで学び続けるのは決して容易なことではないですよね。そこで本セッションでは、継続的に学び続け、その学びを積極的に他の方に共有する Microsoft MVP アワード受賞者 6 名をスピーカーとしてお招きし、世界規模での様々な変化を経験したこの 1 年以内にアワードを受賞された皆さまに、何をどのようにそして何のために学び、かつ他の方もサポートする、その裏にある思いをご自身の言葉でお届けいただきます。
Ryuji Iwata, Hiromu Kato, Rie Moriguchi, Ryoma Nagata, Shohei Oda, Kohei Osanai, Teruchika Yamada, YUN ZHU
Make an impact: 5 ways you can help non-profits with your tech superpower
The pandemic has gravely affected nonprofits' resources while increasing demand for their services. As they are asked to do more with less money and reduced staff, technology plays a critical role to enable them to continue to serve those in need. Join Microsoft RD & MVP, Dux Raymond Sy as he facilitates this interactive conversation with Microsoft Tech for Social Impact and non-profit heroes on how Humans of IT can best utilize our superpowers and support non-profits.
Rochelle Eichner, Scott Marden, Maritza Ortiz, Dux Raymond Sy
Microsoft Ignite highlights and Taiwan local developer community connection
Microsoft Ignite highlights and Taiwan local developer community connection.
John Chang, Edward Kuo
Serverless - Einführung und lessons learned bei CLAAS, dem traditionellen Landmaschinenhersteller
Dennis Zielke (GBB at Microsoft) will speak with his customer CLAAS - a traditional and euope-leading Agricultural machinery company from Germany about their Serverless transformation story. They will talk about the challenge the customer faced, the Microsoft solutions they implemented, share their learnings & best practices and have an open discussion about Serverless & other technologies.
Denis Oliana, Torsten Stiller, Dennis Zielke
The future of hybrid work and mental health
The global pandemic has allowed us to reexamine the way we work and the role that technology plays in our lives. As we experiment with hybrid work models and the impact that it has on our mental health, there has been an outpouring of a variety of emotions, best practices and insight from the mental health communities at Microsoft and beyond. Join me to uncover what modern hybrid work means and the dual role that technologies play in mental health and wellbeing.
Megan Lawrence
US Local Connection: Experience meet Outcomes: Unleashing creativity to unlock exceptional customer experiences
There's always been a healthy partnership between creativity and business. In today's extremely competitive environment, the intersection of creativity, personalization, and business outcomes is hotter than ever.• Customer loyalty experiences (how loyalty helped saved companies through Covid)• Upskilling experiences to close the tech-divide • Digital products and services explosion (how companies are reimagining themselves as product and tech companies)
Ashley Haynes-Gaspar, José Reyes
WE Local Connection: Back to the office: What are leaders and companies thinking about the future of work?
The pandemic has affected all of us. Some want to get back to office and others are happy with the remote work. But what next? In this session, we interview leaders from well-known companies in Finland to understand what they think of the future, how they see community, collaboration and their future ways of working. We discuss about data and intelligence driven decision-making, the role of cloud, technologies such as Power Platform, and the changing landscape of cyber security.
Tiia Hietala, Pasi Kolehmainen, Sakari Nahi, Jussi Roine, Michael Samarin, Roope Seppälä
WE Local Connection: Vad vill du veta? Du frågar. Vi svarar.
Nu när Datacenter Regionen i Sverige blir verklighet öppnas ytterligare möjligheter med Microsoft Molntjänster för svenska företag och organisationer. Vi har samlat en panel med framstående experter för att besvara de vanligaste frågorna, funderingarna och idéerna från sveriges tech community. Missa inte att ställa din fråga.
Tibi Covaci, Asbjörn Ejsing, Sandra Elvin, Alex Sehlin
We rise by lifting others: Boost your career through community and mentorship
As a Psychologist with an HR background, Ana was able to switch careers and totally transform her professional and personal future by becoming part of #HumansofIT. How? With an incredible community that supported my learning needs, doubts, and insecurities through the power of mentorship. During this session, we will cover not only the basics of mentorships and how to take advantage of them, but also a collection of lessons learned, and of course, we will wrap up with some homework!
Ana Inés Urrutia de Souza
What did I miss? Microsoft Ignite highlights. – Brazil local session
Join our Microsoft Brazil experts and executives on a recap of the main announcements and highlights from Microsoft Ignite! This session will be held in Portuguese.
Loredane Feltrin, Carla Furtado, Fabio Hara, Jessica Kato, Vanessa Padua, Camila Pedrosa
What did I miss? Microsoft Ignite highlights. – Latin America Spanish local session
Join our Microsoft Latin America experts and executives on a recap of the main announcements and highlights from Microsoft Ignite! This session will be held in Spanish.
Paco Corona, Olivia Goldschmidt, Ina Rauseo, Walter Serrao, Ximena Tapia

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