GetItem operation

Find information about the GetItem EWS operation.

The GetItem operation gets items from the Exchange store.

Using the GetItem operation

The GetItem operation returns many item properties. The properties that are returned in a GetItem response vary based on the requested shape, requested additional properties, and the type of item returned.

Message elements represent email messages and all other items that are not strongly typed by the Exchange Web Services (EWS) schema. Items such as IPM.Sharing and IPM.InfoPath are returned as Message elements. Exchange does not return the base Item element in responses.

The GetItem operation does not return attachments. It does return metadata about an attached item or file. To return an attachment, use the GetAttachment operation.

GetItem operation SOAP headers

The GetItem operation can use the SOAP headers that are listed in the following table.

Header Element Description
Specifies the resolution of data/time values in responses from the server, either in seconds or in milliseconds.
Identifies the user whom the client application is impersonating.
Identifies the culture, as defined in RFC 3066, "Tags for the Identification of Languages", to be used to access the mailbox.
Identifies the schema version for the operation request.
Identifies the version of the server that responded to the request.
Identifies the time zone to be used for all responses from the server.

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