Web services reference for Exchange

Find reference information for web services in Exchange.

This section includes reference information for the APIs that target or are included in Exchange Online, Exchange Online as part of Office 365, and versions of Exchange starting with Exchange Server 2007. This section includes the following content:

  • EWS reference for Exchange — Contains API reference documentation for the Exchange Web Services (EWS) API. This is the primary API for creating clients and services that connect to Exchange to get access to mailbox information. This content includes information about the operations that are available in EWS, and XML reference documentation that provides information about the instance XML that is sent to and received from Exchange.

  • EWS Managed API reference — Contains API reference documentation for the EWS Managed API. The EWS Managed API is a simple and full-featured interface for developing and extending applications that use EWS.

  • Autodiscover web service reference for Exchange — Contains XML API reference for the Autodiscover services provided by Exchange. The Autodiscover APIs provide provisioning information to client applications that enables them to automatically discover the Exchange service endpoints.

  • Unified Messaging web service reference for Exchange — Contains the XML API reference for the Unified Messaging (UM) web service. The UM web service provides client applications access to UM functionality in Exchange. Note that EWS also provides UM functionality.

  • EWS generated object models for Exchange — Contains the API reference for the autogenerated proxy classes in the ExchangeWebServices namespace.


    For clients that are based on versions of the .NET Framework starting with the .NET Framework 3.5, we recommend that you use the EWS Managed API to access EWS. For more information, see Get started with EWS Managed API client applications.

For information about which set of APIs to use, see EWS client design overview for Exchange.

The Exchange XML reference is based on the XML instances that are sent between the client and the server. The XML is described in the WSDL and XSD files for the EWS and SOAP Autodiscover services. The UM web service and the POX Autodiscover service do not have published WSDL and schema files that describe their structure. The XML reference for the services that do not have schema files is based on the XML instances that can be observed and captured as they are exchanged between the client and the service.

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