Connect to Parquet files in dataflows

You can connect to Parquet files in Dataflow Gen2 using the Parquet connector provided by Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric.


Microsoft Fabric is currently in PREVIEW. This information relates to a prerelease product that may be substantially modified before it's released. Microsoft makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to the information provided here. Refer to Azure Data Factory documentation for the service in Azure.

Connect to Parquet files

To connect to Parquet files in a dataflow:

  1. From your workspace, select New > Dataflow Gen2 (Preview) to create a new dataflow.

    Screenshot showing the workspace where you choose to create a new dataflow.

  2. In Power Query, either select Get data in the ribbon or select Get data from another source in the current view.

    Screenshot showing the Power Query workspace with the Get data option emphasized.

  3. From Choose data source, select the File category, and then select Parquet.

    Screenshot showing Choose data source with the File category and the Parquet connector emphasized.

  4. In Connect to data source, under Connection settings, enter the file path and filename or the URL of the online file location.

  5. Select the authentication type to use in Authentication kind, and then enter your credentials. More information: Connections and authentication in Power Query Online

    Screenshot showing Connect data source where you enter your account name or URL and your credentials.

  6. Select Next to continue to the Power Query editor, where you can then begin to transform your data.

    Screenshot showing the Power Query editor with the Parquet file data displayed.

Advanced connector information

For more advanced information about connecting to your data using the parquet connector, go to Parquet.

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