How to monitor data pipeline runs in Microsoft Fabric

In this how-to guide, you'll learn the different ways to review and monitor your pipeline runs.

Monitor data pipeline runs

  1. To monitor your data pipeline runs, hover over your pipeline in your workspace. Doing so will bring up three dots to the right of your pipeline name.

    Screenshot showing where to find more pipeline options.

  2. Select the three dots to find a list of options. Then select View run history. This action opens a fly-out on the right side of your screen with all your recent runs and run statuses.

    Screenshot showing where to select View run history.

    Screenshot showing a recent run list.

  3. Select Go to monitoring hub from the prior screenshot to view more details and filter results. Use the filter to find specific data pipeline runs based on several criteria.

    Screenshot of filter options.

  4. Select one of your pipeline runs to view detailed information. You’ll be able to view what your pipeline looks like and view more properties like Run ID or errors if your pipeline run failed.

    Screenshot of recent run details.

  5. To find additional information on your pipeline runs Input and Output, select the input or output links to the right of the relevant row in the Activity Runs.

  6. You can select Update pipeline to make changes to your pipeline from this screen. This selection will take you back in the pipeline canvas.

  7. You can also Rerun your data pipeline. You can choose to rerun the entire pipeline or only rerun the pipeline from the failed activity.

  8. To view performance details, select an activity from the list of Activity Runs. Performance details will pop up.

    Screenshot of Copy data details screen.

    More details can be found under Duration breakdown and Advanced.

    Screenshot of additional details for copy data run.

Gantt view

A Gantt chart is a view that lets you see the run history over a time range. If you switch to a Gantt view, all pipeline runs will be grouped by name, displayed as bars relative to how long the run took.

Screenshot showing where to switch between views.

The length of the bar relates to the duration of the pipeline. You can select the bar to view more details.

Screenshot of Gantt view showing different bar lengths.

Screenshot of pipeline run details from Gantt view.

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