Tutorial: Implement FSLogix Application Masking

Use Application Masking to manage user access of installed components. Application Masking may be used in both physical and virtual environments. Application Masking is most often applied to manage non-persistent, virtual environments, such as Virtual Desktops.

In this tutorial, learn how to:

  • Create your first Rule Set
  • Test your Rule Set
  • Make Assignments for your Rule Set
  • Deploy your Rule Set


Create your first Rule Set

  • Open the FSlogix Rules Editor

Screenshot of the FSLogix Apps Rule Editor window with no apps currently populating the software, showing the File, Edit, and Help options.

  • Click File then New to create a new Rule Set
  • Enter the name that you would like for your Rule Set
  • Click Enter Name to create the rule set

Screenshot of the File Explorer window for New Rule Set File, showing the empty F S Logix Rule Sets with the File Name field being highlighted.

  • Select the application that you would like to manage
  • Click Scan to have the Rules Editor detect the application settings
  • When scanning is complete, Click OK

Screenshot of the Rule Set screen's Choose from installed programs option being selected. The GitHub Desktop and Scan options being highlighted.

  • When scanning is complete, click OK
  • The Rules Editor now shows your first Rule Set

Screenshot of the FSLogix Apps Rule Editor screen having the named file now populating in the left pane, showing various rules.

Test your Rule Set

  • To test your Rule Set, select your Rule Set in the left Panel
  • Click File then Apply Rules to System
  • The Rules that are within your Rule Set will be applied to your system. If your rule was a hiding rule on an application, the application will no longer be visible on the system

Make Assignments for your Rule Set

Rule Set Assignments specify how the Rules in the Rule Set will be applied. To create and manage Rule Assignments click File then Manage Assignments.

  • Click Add to create a new Rule Assignment

Screenshot of the Assignments screen showing the Rule Set's Assignment and Applies fields, with the Add option being highlighted.

  • Click the type of assignment
  • Fill in the required information for the assignment and click OK

Screenshot of the Select User screen with the User and Domain fields and O K option being highlighted.

Screenshot of the Assignments screen with the new Rule Set, Rule Set does apply to user/group and Apply options being highlighted.

Deploy Rule Sets

Rule Sets and Rules are saved as (.fxa) and (.fxr) files respectively. Those files must be copied, using any preferred method, to all client machines where they are to be used. For more information, see Deploy Rules Sets. The FSLogix agent is required to be installed on all machines where Application Masking is going to be used.".