Event-based Stats and leaderboards portal config

This section describes how to configure event-based Stats and leaderboards at Partner Center.

In this section

First glance for event-based Stats
Provides a walk-through of an initial experience with event-based Stats, featured stats, achievements, and leaderboards.

Event-based Stat rules overview
Describes how user stat rules work.

User stats scenarios
Describes how to configure event rules for several common user stat scenarios.

Portal configuration of stat change notifications
Describes how to configure stat change notifications.

Adding a field value to a stat rule
Describes how you should usually add a field name, rather than a field value, to a stat rule.

Portal configuration of event-based Stats
Describes how to configure stat rules in Partner Center. Stat rules control how user events in a game trigger stat updates on the server.

Portal configuration of event-based Leaderboards
Describes how to configure event-based Leaderboards at Partner Center.