The GameAccessibility APIs enable you to design, set, and modify game accessibility features and information. For example, you can configure closed caption properties, the high contrast mode, and the text edge style. You can also modify the text that displays on the speech-to-text window, and the position of the speech-to-text window.


Function Description
XClosedCaptionGetProperties Returns the properties of the current closed caption.
XClosedCaptionSetEnabled Sets a Boolean value that indicates if closed captions are enabled or disabled.
XHighContrastGetMode Returns the current high contrast mode.
XSpeechToTextBeginHypothesisString Begins a hypothesis and displays its string in a text overlay.
XSpeechToTextCancelHypothesisString Cancels a hypothesis and removes its string from a text overlay.
XSpeechToTextFinalizeHypothesisString Finalizes a hypothesis and updates its string in a text overlay.
XSpeechToTextSendString Displays text on the Game title screen.
XSpeechToTextSetPositionHint Sets the position of the speech-to-text window.
XSpeechToTextUpdateHypothesisString Updates a hypothesis string in a text overlay.


Structure Description
XClosedCaptionProperties Describes the closed caption properties.


Enumeration Description
XClosedCaptionFontEdgeAttribute Specifies the edge style of the closed caption text.
XClosedCaptionFontStyle Specifies the font style of the closed caption text.
XHighContrastMode Specifies the high contrast mode style of the closed caption text.
XSpeechToTextPositionHint Specifies the position on the screen where the game title renders text.
XSpeechToTextType Specifies the source type of the text that the Game renders.

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