Optimizing your game

Use this topic to optimize your title for game streaming.

After you've played your title by using Xbox Game Streaming or Xbox Remote Play, you can optimize the game to increase engagement with your users when they're playing in a streaming environment.

User research shows that the following areas increase playability and enjoyment while using game streaming.

  • When using game streaming, adapt your heads up display (HUD) and UI layouts for the screen size.
  • When playing on a touch capable device, allow users to interact with the game via on screen touch controls or native touch.
  • Reduce streaming latency by ensuring your game is compatible with DirectCapture, see DirectCapture Overview.
  • Rendering to the user's full screen improves touch usability and makes the game easier to see.
  • When using game streaming, new users want to launch and jump into the game as quickly as possible.
    • Streaming sessions are more varied in length and don't always allow for long play sessions. You can use automatic save points that can only be resumed and moved forward when the user is streaming.

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