This event is triggered when a multiplayer game lobby stops.


Name Type Description
InstanceId String Unique identifier of the host.
InstanceProvider String Server hosting provider of host machine or VM.
InstanceType String Provider specific type of the host machine or VM.
Region String Region in which the host is running.
ServerBuildVersion String Build version of the custom game server installed on the host.
ServerHost String Publicly visible domain name or IPV4 address of the host.
ServerIPV4Address String Publicly visible IPV4 address of the host.
ServerIPV6Address String Publicly visible IPV6 address of the host.
StartTime DateTime Time that the host was started.
StopReason GameServerHostStopReason Reason that the host was stopped.
StopTime DateTime Time that the host was stopped.
TitleId String The ID of the title associated with this host

Common Properties

All PlayStream events are formatted as JSON objects and share the following common properties:

Name Type Description
CustomTags Object Key-Value pair storage. Any provider of this event schema is allowed to send additional values in this property.
EntityId String The identifier for the entity (title, player, etc) to which this event applies.
EntityType String The type of entity (player, title, etc.) to which this event applies. If PlayFab is meant to take action on this entity, then the EntityType must be either 'player', 'character', or 'title'. It is required that any entity type that PlayFab does not currently parse should be prepended with a namespace (like 'com.mygame.guild') as PlayFab may begin to parse root entities at any time.
EventId String PlayFab-assigned unique identifier for this event.
EventName String The name of this event.
EventNamespace String The assigned namespacing for this event. For example: ''
History PlayStreamEventHistory The history of events associated with this event. This is set in cases where an event has generated children events via a trigger action.
Reserved object Reserved exclusively for PlayFab internal use.
Source String The name of the source of this PlayStream event; will be PlayFab if the event originated from us.
SourceType SourceType The type of source of this event (PlayFab partner, other backend, or from the PlayFab API).
Timestamp DateTime The time (in UTC) associated with this event.