LocalMultiplayerAgent overview

LocalMultiplayerAgent(LMA) is a helper agent to facilitate faster development iterations by testing or running your game server on your local machine. Without any cloud connection, LMA can provide mock responses to the Game server SDK(GSDK) and test your game servers as it's running on PlayFab Multiplayer Servers(MPS).

Here are some examples you can do with LocalMultiplayerAgent:

  • Verify GSDK integration with your game servers.
  • Test connection to your game servers
  • Run a diagnosis on your game servers: Logs and config files generated on each game session
  • Verify build configuration


  1. Game Server integrated with GSDK.
    GSDK facilitates two-way communication between your game server process and the MPS service. To learn how to integrate game servers with GSDK, see this article. The tutorial uses the Wrapper sample on GitHub. The Wrapper sample includes a fake game and GSDK. To download the sample, see PlayFab Wrapper Sample.

  2. LocalMultiplayerAgent (LMA) toolset.
    Download the latest release and extract it to the desired folder. (such as C:\PlayFabVmAgent)

  3. [Optional] Install Docker Desktop on Windows.
    LMA can debug Linux/Windows container game servers using Docker for Windows. You can skip this part if you want to run your game server as a process (run executable game server) instead of a container.

Next steps