Creating a PlayFab account

Before you can call any PlayFab API, you must have a PlayFab developer account. If you already have a PlayFab account, you can skip this step.

PlayFab - Create your account

Once you have a PlayFab account, navigate to the PlayFab home page,, and log in.

Since PlayFab does not know the name of your game studio or the title of your game, when you create a studio, a placeholder title called My Game is created for you. You can edit your title's information in the Create Title screen at any time.


The Title ID is unique to your game, which we refer to as a title. You will use this value when you make PlayFab API calls (your Title ID will not be BCFE).

PlayFab - Create a new game

Your first title is automatically generated by us. To create a new title, select New title from the Elipsis menu.

Open the Game Manager for your title

Before installing any SDK, select a game title, and the Game Manager will open. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the various sections in the Game Manager dashboard.

For a more detailed overview, visit the Game Manager quickstart.

The PlayFab Game Manager allows you to do whatever you need to with your game title. Once you have a grasp on the aspects of the Game Manager, install the SDK so you can start using APIs. for more information on how to do this, see Getting Started for Developers.