Build process and packaging

It is a good idea to use the same build process for the localized product as for the original product. Still, there are some binaries that need to be included in or excluded from the localized product for specific markets, which can alter the build process for the localized product. The localization team should work with the development team to set up an automatic procedure for handling changes, and should make this procedure part of the general production process. Localizers need to make sure all text, controls, and menu items that refer to locale-specific features are changed accordingly.

The basic product design for the localized product should be the same as for the original product. However, product packaging might require a certain amount of localization so that it appeals to international customers. For instance, the localization team should change any reference that is made to locale-specific features, such as contact phone numbers and addresses. Another important aspect of product packaging is the End User Legal Agreement (EULA), which must be modified according to the laws of the country in order to sufficiently protect the manufacturer.

An important component of localization involves tools that will simplify the localization process. While some people might be able to add up ten numbers in their heads, using a calculator is usually a quicker and easier method of achieving-what should be-the same result. Similarly, the proper localization tools will help expedite the localization process and will handle many of the common tasks that localization entails.