certificateBasedAuthConfiguration resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Certificate-based authentication enables you to be authenticated by Azure Active Directory with a client certificate on a Windows, Android, or iOS device when connecting your Exchange Online account to:

  • Microsoft mobile applications such as Outlook and Word
  • Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) clients

Configuring this feature eliminates the need to enter a username and password combination into certain mail and Microsoft Office applications on your mobile device.

Certificate-based authentication configuration is provided through a collection of certificate authorities. The certificate authorities are used to establish a trusted certificate chain which enables clients to be authenticated by Azure Active Directory with a client certificate.

Learn more about certificate-based authentication in Azure Active Directory.


Method Return Type Description
List certificateBasedAuthConfiguration certificateBasedAuthConfiguration List the properties of the certificateBasedAuthConfiguration collection.
Create certificateBasedAuthConfiguration certificateBasedAuthConfiguration Create a new certificateBasedAuthConfiguration object.
Get certificateBasedAuthConfiguration certificateBasedAuthConfiguration Read the properties of a certificateBasedAuthConfiguration object.
Delete certificateBasedAuthConfiguration None Delete a certificateBasedAuthConfiguration object.


Updating certificateBasedAuthConfiguration is not supported. To change a certificateBasedAuthConfiguration, first delete and then create a new certificateBasedAuthConfiguration.


Property Type Description
certificateAuthorities certificateAuthority collection Collection of certificate authorities which creates a trusted certificate chain.
id String The unique identifier of the certificate based auth configuration. Read-only.



JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "certificateAuthorities": {"@odata.type": "collection(microsoft.graph.certificateAuthority)"},
  "id": "String (identifier)"