Microsoft 365 groups activity reports

Namespace: microsoft.graph

You can use the Groups activity reports to gain insights into the activity of Microsoft 365 groups in your organization and see how many Microsoft 365 groups are being created and used.

Note: For details about different report views and names, see Microsoft 365 reports - Microsoft 365 groups.


Function Return Type Description
Get group detail Stream Get details about Microsoft 365 groups activity by group.
Get activity counts Stream Get the number of group activities across group workloads.
Get group counts Stream Get the daily total number of groups and how many of them were active based on email conversations, Yammer posts, and SharePoint file activities.
Get storage Stream Get the total storage used across all group mailboxes and group sites.
Get file counts Stream Get the total number of files and how many of them were active across all group sites associated with a Microsoft 365 group.