plannerExternalReferences resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

The plannerExternalReferences resource represents the collection of references on a task. This is an Open Type. It is part of the task details object. The value in the property-value pair is the externalReference object.


Properties of an Open Type can be defined by the client. In this case, the client must provide valid URLs based on the HTTP/HTTPS protocols as properties and their values must be the externalReference objects. Based on OData, property names in Open Types cannot contain the following characters: ., :, %, @, # so they need to be encoded. Example is shown below. To remove a reference, set the value of the property to null.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource

    "alias": "String-value",
    "lastModifiedBy": "String-value",
    "lastModifiedDateTime": "String(timestamp)",
    "previewPriority": "String-value",
    "type": "String-value"


    "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.externalReference", // required in PATCH requests to edit the references on a task
    "alias": "Agile Team Annual Report",
    "lastModifiedBy": {
      "user": {
        "id": "ebf3b108-5234-4e22-b93d-656d7dae5874"
    "lastModifiedDateTime": "2015-09-21T17:45:12.039Z",
    "previewPriority": "0009005756397228702",
    "type": "PowerPoint"