profileCardProperty resource type

Represents an attribute of a user on the Microsoft 365 profile card for an organization to surface in a shared, people experience.

The attribute can be an Microsoft Entra ID built-in attribute, such as Alias or UserPrincipalName, or it can be a custom attribute. For a custom attribute, an administrator can define an en-us default display name String and a set of alternative translations for the languages supported in their organization.

For more information about how to add properties to the profile card for an organization, see Add or remove custom attributes on a profile card using the profile card API.


Profile card properties correspond to attributes in Microsoft Entra ID. Adding an attribute as a profileCardProperty to the profileCardProperties collection for an organization configures profile cards to display the attribute value. Deleting the profileCardProperty from the collection doesn’t delete the attribute from Microsoft Entra ID; it deletes the configuration so that profile cards no longer display the attribute value.


Method Return Type Description
List profileCardProperties profileCardProperty collection Get a collection of profileCardProperty resources for an organization.
Create profileCardProperty profileCardProperty Create a new profileCardProperty for an organization.
Get profileCardProperty profileCardProperty Retrieve the properties of a profileCardProperty entity.
Update profileCardProperty profileCardProperty Update the properties of a profileCardProperty object, identified by its directoryPropertyName property.
Delete profileCardProperty None Delete the profileCardProperty object specified by its directoryPropertyName from the organization's profile card, and remove any localized customizations for that property.


Property Type Description
annotations profileCardAnnotation collection Allows an administrator to set a custom display label for the directory property and localize it for the users in their tenant.
directoryPropertyName String Identifies a profileCardProperty resource in Get, Update, or Delete operations. Allows an administrator to surface hidden Microsoft Entra ID properties on the Microsoft 365 profile card within their tenant. When present, the Microsoft Entra ID field referenced in this property is visible to all users in your tenant on the contact pane of the profile card. Allowed values for this field are: UserPrincipalName, Fax, StreetAddress, PostalCode, StateOrProvince, Alias, CustomAttribute1, CustomAttribute2, CustomAttribute3, CustomAttribute4, CustomAttribute5, CustomAttribute6, CustomAttribute7, CustomAttribute8, CustomAttribute9, CustomAttribute10, CustomAttribute11, CustomAttribute12, CustomAttribute13, CustomAttribute14, CustomAttribute15.



JSON representation

The following JSON representation shows the resource type.

  "annotations": [{ "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.profileCardAnnotation" }],
  "directoryPropertyName": "String"